If you love saving money while shopping, you will love this game!

Couldn’t get any easier than being rewarded $10 for rolling the dice!

kmart 10

And don’t forget to get your savings at Sears as well!


So what could you spend your $10 on?


Sometimes, ok most of the time, I love the challenge of going in and finding something that is near my free $10, it is like a scavenger hunt and I LOVE IT!  It is an even bigger thrill for me if I can find a gift for someone else, or something I was already in need of!

Or you can use your free $10, and whatever reward points you have saved up, and the extra Shop Your Way coupons on your page to add/stack the savings on these amazingly good deals!

*up to 50% off on sofas and recliners

* 40% off or MORE on appliances

*50% off of MORE on mattresses

*15-20% off gazeboes, outdoor living, grills, patio furniture and more!


Personally, I need to save my easy earned cash for a new washer and dryer!

Don’t forget!

As always I will just put the bug in your ear again! All Shop Your Way Members get additional bonus dollars all the time to spend as they please! It is super easy to join and the benefits are amazing!  Shop with Jesica!

Tell us how you spent your cash!




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