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As a teacher, education is obviously a high priority item for me, my kids, and any students I may have along the way.  I have always had a love of education, and learning new things has been easy for me. In fact, many many moons ago when I took my own ACT test I barely prepared and ended up with the highest score in my school. Things have just always come easy for me. My best friend would get frustrated because she could spend hours studying and still not recall things as easily as I could (I think I have a partial photographic memory…seriously).

I know that recalling information is not always easy for everyone, especially in a high stress environment like a timed test that could potentially decide your higher education future. So when Test Rocker approached me to check out the ACT prep program I knew I had to see what it was all about.

Obviously I have no need to pass the ACTs again, but I figured that I would be able to give an objective opinion on what the program has to offer since I am in education myself, and I’ve seen plenty of programs over the years.


About TestRocker and Suniti Mathur 

TestRocker’s comprehensive online SAT and ACT prep program allows students to learn from Suniti Mathur, an expert SAT/ACT private tutor with more than 14 years of experience, wherever and whenever they want. Students follow a customized study plan and can track their progress as they work through the program. Parents get bi-weekly reports on their student’s progress. Each of the 2,000 questions on TestRocker are accompanied by video explanations.

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Using the Test Rocker program

When you first log into your account and begin your test prep, you will be asked to either take a 70 minute diagnostic test to assess your skills (preferred), or fill out the quick questionnaire. Since I have no need to actually take the ACT I chose the questionnaire. It was really simple, and basically just asked you to assess your own abilities in certain reading and math categories. Unless you have a very clear idea of your skill level, I would suggest taking the diagnostic so that the program can be tailored to address any weak areas you may have.

Diagnostic Test

After taking the diagnostic test or doing the questionnaire you will be provided with your customized study plan tailored to your needs. You can see in the screenshot below how many hours are suggested I spend studying for each category, as well as any progress I’ve made so far (none since I haven’t started).

customized plan


study plan

Test Rocker Study Questions

One thing I really liked about the program is that you get instant feedback when doing the study modules. If you are correct in choosing your answer, you know right away.


You also know right away if you are incorrect, at which point you can choose to watch a video explanation of why the answer you chose was incorrect and another was actually correct. The videos give great test taking tips and things to look for, so they are a really good tool to help you improve your test taking skills.

wrong answer-explanation

The quizzes and tests are more like a real life quiz or test in that you will not get the results until you are complete. You will, however, get to watch a video explanation going over any answers (correct or incorrect) so you can see where you went wrong and gain tips on how to improve.

Test Rocker Quizzes

My thoughts on Test Rocker

Overall I think this is a great program; the lessons are tailored well, and the videos offer great tips and explanations. If you are looking to improve your or your child’s ACT/SAT scores I would definitely check out Test Rocker.

Still not sure? Listen to these students talking about the Test Rocker Program and see for yourself!

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So tell us…

Does anyone in your family need to take the ACT or SAT? What makes you most nervous about taking these tests (for yourself or your child)?