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I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Zact. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

My six year old son has been asking me for a smartphone for months now. Are you kidding? A smartphone at six??!!  I didn’t get my first ‘dumb’ phone until I was eighteen and could go out and pay for it myself. I’m not sure if I’m ready to hand the reigns of a smartphone over to a six year old. I don’t know who the kid would even call, however, I do know he would rack up the data charges like a mad-man!

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On the other hand, there are days I worry that he will get off the bus and no one will be home because we got stuck in horrible Wisconsin winter weather, or a snow-day may send the kids home from school early. It is situations like this that I think a phone might not be a terrible idea.

So, while I want my kids to be able to contact me if something were to happen, I do have concerns about their mobile usage and the risks associated with smartphones. I recently learned about Zact, a no contract nationwide mobile service, that has parental controls where I can easily set amount of text and data usage as well as set curfews, such as at meal and bed times. Zact was recently awarded the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center and their average monthly bill is only $22! Are your kids asking for a smartphone this holiday season? If so, check out Zact Mobile and learn how their features help provide parents peace of mind!

About Zact Mobile

  • Zact is a no contract smart mobile service with nationwide coverage that allows you completely customize and save, right from your device. With Zact you save big because you pay only for what you use, and you get money back towards your next month’s bill if you don’t use all of your service.
    • The average Zact bill is $22 per month.
  • Any Zact plan is shareable. You can share the same pool of talk, text and date with your family without having to pay hefty line fees.
  • Zact helps give parents peace of mind by providing parent controls. You can set allowances on the amount of talk, text and data time. Plus set curfews (such as meal and bed times), set allowed or blocked contacts, and control which apps your child has access to.
  • Zact was recently awarded the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center and USA Today cites “New cellphone carrier Zact provides the most robust controls.”
  • Zact is available at and at retail in Best Buy Mobile.



So tell us…

Do you allow your kids a smartphone? Would you feel better if there were parental controls on the phone?