iron man 3

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 is set to hit theaters May 3, 2013. This cannot come soon enough for me! I am not typically a fan of action movies, or movies based off of comic books for that matter, however, after seeing the first Iron Man movie I was instantly hooked.

I will admit that I didn’t watch it until it came out on disk, and even then I didn’t think I was going to like it, but once I saw it I was just smitten from then on out.

The second movie didn’t disappoint, and the third installment looks like it will keep me on the edge of my seat! The only thing I am waiting for, since I guess I’m a hopeless romantic, is to see more of Tony and Pepper’s relationship. Perhaps this poster says it all:

Iron Man 3 Pepper


Check out this trailer that aired during the Super Bowl, and then make sure you “Like” the IRON MAN 3 Facebook page ( as it counts down to the new trailer that debuts this Tuesday, March 5th!