One of the main reasons that many people shop for a new bed is because their current one is uncomfortable and causing them pain. Is your bed causing back pain? If so, it might be time to start looking for a new mattress, and don’t wait around for over ten years like I did thinking I could squeeze just ‘one more year’ out of the old decrepit thing we had. 

Pushing Your Mattress to the Limits

It may go without saying, but waiting over ten years to replace a worn out bed causing back pain is not a good idea. We even tried to extend the life of our mattress a little longer by buying one of those memory foam toppers thinking that it would buy us some time.

All the topper really did though was to make our bed more squishy. It was still sagging on each side and had the infamous ‘king’s ridge’ in the middle. It was still not that comfortable and was still a bed causing back pain. 

Skip the ‘quick-fix’ remedies. Don’t try to streeeetch the life of your mattress, and make sure you get a bed that is actually going to be worth it! 

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A Good Night’s Sleep Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot!

A quick shop around the web will show you just how many options there are out there for a new mattress, and just how pricey those options can be. But there is an option, a really good option, that is not only extremely comfortable, supportive, and everything you’d want in a bed — but it is also affordable!

The Ghostbed was crafted out of 15 years of research, design & development, and comes with many advanced features. You won’t believe the supernatural comfort you get for the amazing price of this bed! You won’t have a bed causing back pain after using the Ghostbed (they guarantee it with a 101-night risk-free sleep trial)!

ghostbed no more bed causing back pain

So What Makes the Ghostbed So Good?

They say that it is the combination of many different densities and thicknesses of foam, a gel layer that keeps you just the right temperature, and the handcrafted American artistry in making the ultra soft plush cover. I don’t know what the reason is, but I can say that we absolutely loved this mattress from the moment we took it out of the box!

Speaking of…. check out our unboxing video, this bed comes all vacuum sealed and is ready to be slept on from the moment you open it! I didn’t even notice any lingering smells so it truly was ready to go right out of the box.

Do You Have a Bed Causing Back Pain?

So before I continue with the glowing reviews, let me tell you about the bed(s) that we previously had. The one we’ve been sleeping on for the past ten years was a Euro top spring mattress. While it worked well for the first few years, it quickly broke down and should have been replaced long ago. 

My mother had also given us a different type of memory foam bed at one point, which is now in our guest area, however, neither my husband nor I enjoy sleeping on that bed. It is way too firm for either of us, and the pressure points in my hips surely feel it when I try to lay on my side. I have not noticed that problem at all with the Ghostbed. 

Ghostbed Mattress Review


All I can tell you is that my husband and I had very low expectations for this bed after our last memory foam bed (the one from my mom). We took the Ghostbed out of the box, set it up on the boxspring, and proceeded to test it out by lying down on it. 

After a few moments, we both looked at each other at about the same time. It was sort of unreal that we were both thinking the same thing. I can remember my husband going, “wow, I’m actually impressed!”

All I could say was, “yeah, me too. I really didn’t think I was going to like this bed, but it is…. comfortable.” And then we just laid there for a bit relaxing in the comfiness of our new bed and excited that we wouldn’t have to get rid of it and try to find a new one all over again. 

Of course, that was simply our first impression, but there is something to be said about those first impressions. After trying out the Ghostbed for a few weeks now, I can honestly say that it is still really comfortable, my back has had no problems, I have no pressure point issues in my hips or elsewhere, and I’m sleeping like a dream!

One of the things that I really like is that when you lay down on this bed you don’t feel like you are sinking into it. It is just the right amount of support, yet still soft enough to be comfortable.


Additional Features of Ghostbed

While the inside has some superb features like the aerated foam layer and the gel foam layer (which you can read more about here), the outside is pretty great too. The cover has strechability and a plush feel, but best of all — it is washable with an easy to zip off cover!

ghostbed zipper

Another great feature is that you might find some supernatural comfort, aka, some ghosts inhabiting your bed from time to time. I’ve found one or two in my bed on occasion. 🙂

Ghostbed ghost

If You Want Supernatural Comfort….

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Bonus – Foundation Assembly

If you decide to purchase the matching foundation, note that it is really simple to assemble. I did this myself with minimal help from my 8yr old son. The holes in the slats are pre-drilled, and all your components are included. Once assembled, the cover slips over easily and your bed is ready to be placed on top!

ghostbed foundation


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Thanks to Ghostbed for providing me this mattress for review purposes. All opinions are my own.