Thank you to legobags for providing us with this highly functional and super awesome backpack!

You know what I hate about kids’ backpacks these days? They are all about cutesy designs with very little function to them. Last year I felt like my daughter was about ready to topple over with the backpack we sent her off to pre-k with.

This year I was going to let my kids just use the same backpacks they had last year, but then my son fell in love with Ninjago somewhere along the line, and ever since he has wanted everything LEGO.

When the opportunity to get a LEGO backpack presented itself I decided to go ahead and give them a try. Worst case – we could just continue using his old one if it wasn’t really functional.

lego backpack

To my pleasant surprise not only is this backpack really cool looking, it also is designed well, with kids in mind. It isn’t over the top huge (as if elementary kids need to be lugging around 20lb filled backpacks), it is made of quality material, it included a matching lunchbox, and best of all – the little features are the things that had me saying, “yep, this is a keeper!”

lego backpack collage

The mesh side pockets are on most backpacks nowadays, but what really stood out to me were things like the sewn in name-tag (no need to buy a fancy sticker or try to write on the fabric).

Then there was this really cool little tab that allowed your lunchbox to attach right to the backpack. The tab thing is awesome; last year whenever we’d send a lunch to school it was a struggle trying to fit everything my son needed into his backpack with the lunchbox. I love that it can attach to the OUTSIDE of the backpack!

One more little awesome feature is the chest clip. I have not seen one other children’s backpack that comes with a chest clip! Chest kips help keep the backpack in the right position so that your child lessens the risk of back problems down the road.

If you flip the backpack over, the attention to detail is apparent. Not only is this backpack made well, they made sure to include the one feature that makes a LEGO brick a LEGO brick–

lego backpack back

If you are looking for a high quality backpack that is designed with kids in mind, I suggest checking out the full line of LEGO backpacks (girl and boy lines). You can also find them on Facebook to learn more.

LEGO backpacks offer this set of features:

  • Interior LEGO® brick print with name tag
  • Ergonomically contoured padded shoulder straps
  • Padded back panel with LEGO® stitch detail
  • 360‐degree reflect webbing for visibility
  • Interior slip pocket to fit folder
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Side mesh pocket
  • Exterior D‐ring for attaching Vertical Lunch


So tell us…

What is your favorite design from the LEGO series?