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So I was making my weekly monthly stroll through Target last night (I had to return something so I HAD to go), and as I am aimlessly wandering through the aisles just hoping for some item that is on clearance to just jump out and scream at me “buy me, buy me,”  I heard it.  OK, so it wasn’t some must have item, it was a toddler, probably about 3 or 4 years old, and he was having a compete breakdown because he just had to have the new Lion King DVD.  Who wouldn’t want it right?  I mean it is a great movie.

Now, hearing a screaming toddler in a store can rattle anyone’s nerves, but I have to say that the way said toddler’s mom handled the situation made me wish I had a resolve like hers.  Instead of screaming at her child, or offering up threats, “put that back or you are going out to the car” (guilty) she simply and calmly told him “no.”
Well as any parent will tell you, a 4 year old has probably more fight in him than a raging lion when there is something that they really want to have or want to do.  So of course he kept crying and yelling that he wanted the movie, and he would NOT put it back.  Mom just kept pushing her cart.  What a great idea!  I mean why give the kid attention for throwing a fit.  Just walk away.  Wish I had thought of that one.  Of course he followed behind her with a trail of tears and pleas for her to buy him the movie.  He was clinging tight.  No way he was giving up this fight.  Mom was strong willed as well; no threats yet, no yells, nothing.  Wow, this woman has some real patience and nerves of steel!  This goes on for about an hour 5 minutes or so and I can’t help but think about all the times that I have been in a similar situation (ok, its not really that many times, my kids are usually pretty good in the store, or I just don’t bother to take them at all and avoid situations like this completely), or times when I have witnessed similar situations in the past; and then people, (other women/moms in particular) give snide, snarky looks at you like you are the worst parent in the world because you can’t control your kid.  I mean come on!  Every kid is going to have a melt down at some point, I have yet to see the perfect child who has never cried, or thrown a fit about something.  So my question is, why do we do this to other women?  I mean, we have or will be in their shoes at some point.  We know what it feels like; so why do we inflict the “evil stare of poor parenting” upon other women?  As I’m thinking about this, and still hearing this kid go on and on about this movie, I figured it is about time we helped one another.  Perfect stranger?  Who cares!  I wish more women would be neighborly and help me out when my kids are acting insane.
So I strolled my cart over to young toddler of terror and simply asked him, “do you think I could have that movie?”   He looked at me in astonishment and bewilderment (but did stop crying momentarily), and reluctantly began to hand the movie over to me.  Mom mouthed “thank you” and I simply walked away.  No minced words or emotions, just helping out another mom in need.  Of course toddler of terror then began with “she took it away from me” in long drawn out whines.  This didn’t last that long though and all was right with the world again.
Moral of the story….. if you are out for some mom freedom time and shopping alone to relax, don’t give out evil stares if you come across another mom experiencing kid whineydom, instead extend a helping hand and remember a time when you yourself were in a similar situation.  I’m not saying its gonna change the world, or change anything for that matter, but hey… it just might make someone’s day and even make you feel a little better about yourself for the day.

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