Jacky Ha HaWith her quick wit and irresistible charm, Jacky Ha-Ha is sure to be a favorite amongst tweens, teens, and parents alike. Jacky Hart is ready for school to start, as much as a stuttering middle schooler who is afraid of everyone laughing at her can be. But this year she is prepared…. or at least she tries her best to be prepared, but when you are afraid of being laughed at, making people laugh with you comes so much easier, even if it gets you in trouble. Lots of trouble.

Jacky Ha-Ha is a fun story about positive role models, and learning to trust in yourself. A teacher myself, I love how Jacky’s principle and teacher didn’t give up on her, and instead saw great potential in her. They knew she could do great things if she focused her energy in a more positive direction, all it took was a little prodding to get her to see that for herself, and the journey to get Jacky there is quite entertaining. 

The #HaHaBookClub – Kids Who Read Can Succeed!

There’s nothing like introducing great books to your kids. Whether it’s a timeless classic that you loved as a child or a character that’s new to you both, it’s truly amazing to see your child’s imagination come alive through literature. Jacky Ha-Ha, the new hilarious heroine from New York Times bestselling author and Children’s Choice Book Award Author of the Year James Patterson, is sure to be a character that resonates with both moms and daughters. 

With her irresistible urge to tell a joke in every situation, twelve-year-old Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh.  To celebrate the introduction of this highly anticipated new release, we’re encouraging moms and daughters everywhere to start mom-daughter book clubs.

Jacky ha-ha parent questions(Click image to download full list of discussion questions)

From Six to Ninety-Six, Jacky is Fun and Enjoyable

My daughter and I had a chance to read Jacky Ha-Ha together and we both thought it was a really funny, interesting story and can’t wait to read more. Check out what my daughter had to say in this quick video review:

 Have you read Jacky Ha-Ha yet? What is your favorite book to share with your kids?



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