“There’s never been anything quite like the All-New Jeep® Gladiator, engineered from the ground up to be a true pickup truck. Backed by legendary Jeep Brand 4×4 capability, Gladiator is ready to carry you and your gear around the corner or to the far corners of the earth.” ~ Jeep.com

Jeep People

When my husband and I head on vacation we’ll choose a Jeep as our rental so we can have a little fun, but we don’t get to experience the joy of being a Jeep owner on a day-to-day basis. We have a family hauler (our van), a hybrid car for a commuter, and a truck that allows us to do stuff around the farm. There hasn’t been room to add in a Jeep ‘just for fun’.

Fun and Function

What if, just what if my Jeep could be both fun and functional?

With the Gladiator, the standard 4-door Wrangler base is elongated out to make room for the 5ft box. This creates a stunning blend of iconic Jeep lines while adding pure functionality that truck-lovers crave and need.

The Gladiator comes with all of the Jeep features that give you that iconic experience: removable tops and doors, front camera (that you can clean from inside), and off-roading capabilities. But it also comes with all of the truck features you can’t do without:

  • upgraded tires for towing,
  • wider grille vents for increased towing performance,
  • a rugged and spacious truck bed (that includes a 115v outlet),
  • a fantastic towing capacity (up to 7,650 pounds),
  • tire pressure monitoring system,
  • integrated trailer brake and sway control.

The truck box boasts some amazing features of its own:

  • 90-95% of motorcycles will fit in the 5-foot box.
  • The tailgate has the same step-load as the tailgate on the Ram 1500 (1,800 pounds).
  • With the tailgate in the secondary position (45° angle), you can still fit 19 sheets of drywall or plywood.
  • You can fit bigger toys that stay put with the four built-in tie-down loops.

With all the features this vehicle packs in, I can’t think of a reason not to get one!

Check out Palmer Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to find a model that’s right for you.

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Joining The Jeep World

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