dr. seuss

My kids love the classic Dr. Suess books because they are so much fun to read, and because they are books that my budding readers can actually read themselves. My son loves to read Green Eggs and Ham, while my daughter enjoys reading Go, Dog. Go! (from memory).

I love the books for some of the same reasons. They are fun to read, and the stories are entertaining. Who doesn’t love a goat with googoo goggles?!!


Build your own Dr. Seuss book collection

Now building your collection has never been easier. The Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club was created to help parents build a library of insightful, entertaining books for their children to enjoy. While it’s certainly possible—and encouraged—to create your own family reading routine, joining a book club can offer an abundance of advantages to both parents and children. Plus getting 5 books for $5.95 is an amazing deal (see terms and conditions here).

• Recapture your youth by embracing the same classic favorites you enjoyed as a child
• Connect with your family. Create lasting memories by cuddling up with your children and sharing story-time. Encourage children to participate and take turns reading with Mom and Dad.
• Create a relaxing routine. Use your favorite Dr. Seuss stories to prepare kids for bedtime or naptime, or just to provide some downtime for relaxing and unwinding.
• Build a high-quality library. For an educational, cost-effective learning tool that’s also highly entertaining, you can’t beat the power of books.
• Foster creativity and imagination. The uncontested master of creative verse, Dr. Seuss adhered to a poetic meter called anapestic tetrameter to create his innovative, rhythmic rhymes. His unique wordplay and whimsical tongue twisters are ideal for building the imaginations of your little ones.
• Build phonemic awareness with Dr. Seuss’s word repetition and rhyming
• Create your own zany days with cues from Dr. Seuss. Have a “Wacky Wednesday”, or make Green Eggs and Ham for dinner. Have the children draw their favorite character or craft them in clay to build motor skill. Play rhyming games or create your own tongue twisters.

I actually built my Dr. Seuss collection by utilizing this service and I’m so glad I did. I love the whimsical stories that I also enjoyed as a child, and my kids are happy to pick out their favorites at bedtime each night.


So tell us…

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


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