Business Bio:

Owner/Specialist:  Julie Sennes DeLap-Independent Scentsy Consultant


How long in business:  1 year


What is Scentsy, what products do you offer?

Scentsy is a direct sales company, specializing in wickless candles.

What are wickless candles, you might ask? Scentsy makes electric warmers, almost like mini crocks with a small dish on the top. Scentsy also makes scented wax cubes that go in the dishes that are on top of the warmers. There is a light bulb inside each warmer, which will slowly melt the wax, releasing amazing scent throughout your whole area! Scentsy warmers are soot free and a safe, flame-free alternative to scented candles.

What do you love about your business, why did you start doing this?

There are so many things I love about my business, it’s so hard to narrow it down! I absolutely love the product, and that is why I started my business. I figured, I love it, I use it constantly, I might as well get a discount on what I was ordering. Once I received my kit though, everyone wanted Scentsy, and I started doing tons of parties and having a blast! I have met so many amazing people in this company, on my team, and as my clients. My self esteem has grown, my attitude has become so much more positive, and I spend more time, and am closer with, my beautiful family!

I love that I work this business the way I want/need to, and I always have time for myself and my family. I love all the incentives Scentsy offers to us, from conventions, to free product, to amazing trips! I also love how much I feel appreciated by this company. I have never felt this at any other job or business. I also love building and mentoring my team. Scentsy has done so much for me, I love passing that on to others and watching them blossom from Scentsy! I love our team meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts. There is something so fullfilling about helping my team become ‘more’. I live for it!

Special Offers:

The Father’s Day Warmer and Lotus Cove scent are 10% off this month.
If you become a consultant for Scentsy, you can enroll in the Summer Blast Off Incentive for a chance to earn $500 in Free Product Credit!  I am always looking for people that want to change their life and join my team! I have an amazing team, with people (yes, men love Scentsy, and they make awesome consultants!) all over the U.S. and Canada! Take charge of your life and become a consultant today!

I also have pouch parties that can be mailed to you! It’s like a book party, with a few mini testers of scent, so people can see how amazing the scents are! It’s a great way to earn free/half price Scentsy product!  Anyone that hosts a party, either a home or tote party, can earn the extra free items!

And, finally, Scentsy has a fabulous Fundraising Program!

me for more information on any of these topics! Email me at

Have a ‘scent’sational day!