Karas family photoWho am I? Is it weird that the first thing that comes to my mind is Happy? No, I don’t believe I am one of the Seven Dwarfs, although happy is better than being Sneezy! After having my two children Kaphen (5), and Kyler (3), I lost myself somewhere between the diapers, parenting, and up all-nighters.

Now that they are a little older, I have sorted out how to be a mom, a wife and ME! So who is “me”?

I am a wonderful wife to an amazing husband, and have two boys, and two dogs. I hold a B.S. in Elementary Education and Middle School English and have worked in an elementary school as a para, substitute, and a tutor. However, I find myself thinking that there is more out there for me. I have worked weekends at a restaurant since I was 15 years old and really enjoy my “adult time” there.

I like to hunt… for deals that is! Thrift shopping is my game of choice! I love a good bargain. I am also pretty stubborn in thinking I can do whatever I put my mind to. Use a power tool, install a light…. No worries I got this! I think?

I enjoy reading, but it tends to consume me too much, so I enjoy my social media instead. I am always a woman on a mission, and I have to keep busy. I am outgoing, talkative, with a unique sense of humor that likes to smile, laugh, and be extremely organized. So, there you have it a little blip about me!

Feel free to contact me, if I left anything of importance out. I can be reached at kara.wert@mommybunch.com

Kara Individual photo