Keeping the inside of our car clean is one of the things that my husband is constantly getting on me about. I’m more of a keep the house clean type of person, but for some reason keeping the car clean is high on his priority list.

If you struggle with keeping the car clean like I do, especially when you have a few kids adding to the mayhem, these tips are for you!

Keep Your Car Clean With These Simple Tips, Tricks, and Routines

As a mom of four who also works outside the home part-time, I’m in my car all the time. We have a newish car, and I do want to take care of it, as well as keep my husband happy, so I’ve been working on some good car care habits.

Here are some simple routines that may help you keep the inside of your car clean as well.

Routinely take trash and items that don’t belong, out of your car.

My husband is constantly getting on me about just taking things out when I get out of the car, and he’s right (shh, you didn’t hear it from me).

The most crucial step to keeping a clean car is being diligent about taking things out. f you can’t carry all items in right when you get home, do your best to get the rest either right away or next time you leave your car.

The key is making a habit of pushing pause before heading inside to see what you can grab. Remind the kids to do the same as they head out of the car. Do this every time you arrive home and things won’t pile up or get overwhelming.

Perform a weekly deep clean.

My husband is amazing at taking everything that hasn’t made it’s way out of the car by the weekend and emptying out those stragglers. He will also take some time to vacuum and wipe things down each week as well.

If you don’t have the time to do a deep clean every week, I’d suggest at least do a quick onceover and remove any leftover junk in the car, and deep clean once a month.

Keep a small duster in the glove box.
It is so easy to do a quick dusting of the dash during times when you are stuck waiting for your kids after practice, or when dropping them off at school. Fill up those ‘wait times’ with a quick once over on your car at will stay nice and clean!

Use organizational tools to help keep clutter from building up.

Things like these headrest hooks are a great way to keep the contents from your purse spilling out all over and can help to keep things more organized.

Got kids? Protect the seats with kick mats!

Kick mats like these can help to prevent your leather or upholstery from dirty footprints, which means less cleaning for you!

Last but not least, schedule to get your car detailed at least once each season. You can reach out to your local dealership to see if they offer the service, or find a reputable car care place in your area that does detailing.

Getting your car detailed can really bring fresh life to your vehicle and make it feel like new all over again!

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