In the winter, there are several ways you can help maintain your home’s indoor temperature to result in a comfortable warmth while also saving money on your utility bills in order to lower your energy costs. While some things require professional installation, there are also ways you can save energy and warm the house yourself. Some of these ways include, but are not limited to, manipulating windows and the sun, DIY insulation, and installing a smart thermostat.

Taking Advantage of Natural Light

Image via Flickr by mm-j

If you have any windows that get bright, warm sunshine, raise the blinds, and open those curtains! Letting in natural sunlight is a great way to reduce electricity usage and lower your monthly bill. It can also help to warm a room, much faster than any artificial light would, and is more energy-efficient than using a heating system. On the flip side, if your windows aren’t well insulated and seem to let in a draft, hanging a heavy curtain or blankets can help keep the cold air trapped.

DIY Insulation

Doing a few of these simple things around the house can help keep your home warm during the cold winter months, and doesn’t require any service or installation. Closing doors to rooms not currently being used can help trap the cooler air and reduce a draft in the house. Making sure to regularly change your air filters will help your HVAC to circulate the air more efficiently, and use less energy. 

If your home has a fireplace, make sure to keep your chimney flue closed when not in use, as you can lose up to 20% of your warm air. If you have any bare or wooden floors, laying down a rug can help insulate the floors and keep your toes a little warmer! 

Installing a Smart Thermostat

A great way to regulate your energy usage and monetary savings at the same time is to install a smart thermostat. These thermostats will most often require professional service and/or installation at the start, but it is well worth the cost. 

Instead of having to adjust the temperature every time you leave the house for a long period of time or every night before bed, you can program the thermostat to change the temperature automatically. You can set your own preferences for different temperatures throughout the day or night, and program it to turn on and off at a set time. This boosts the efficiency of your HVAC system and can help keep your house warmer with less effort and energy based on your daily home schedule. 

Not everyone has to burn out their heating system due to overuse to stay warm in winter or pay a ridiculous amount of money for the energy bill every month. If you’re a homeowner who wants to save money, energy, and heat, then you came to the right place for tips! By simply doing a few of these things around the house, whether it’s a DIY project or a professional service, you can save energy in several ways, and as an end result save more money.