You know the feeling. Your kid is out past curfew and you are nervously pacing the floor wondering where they are and if something happened to them and are they okay and why didn’t they call?

Thankfully they finally show up, half an hour past curfew, and your fear subsides and turns into a little bit of anger that they didn’t even bother to call to say they were okay. Now you want to know where they were and what they were up to.

You just want to make sure they were okay, they think you aren’t giving them any freedom.


We were there once ourselves, and now you have teenagers of your own.

Parents have been living this scenario for generations, but what is different now is that we can actually help to keep them safe without pacing the floor and lecturing and wondering what in the heck are they doing out past curfew or why haven’t they called. We can simply know.

WebSafety is a new app that is helping parents and protecting children. It isn’t about spying on your kids, it is about knowing what they are up to at all times and checking to see that they are okay. There are a lot of predators in this world, both online and in person, and knowing that you can have peace of mind is a blessing in any parent’s book.


How WebSafety Works

You simply download the free app to your device and sign in as the parent/guardian.

web safety parent device

Then you also download the app to your children’s devices and follow the prompts (do this for each child).

web safety child device

Once the app is activated on the child devices you will begin receiving notifications on your device of any activity that is out of the boundaries you set.

You can also access the web dashboard for a more detailed view and to change your settings.


You can set up filters to monitor for certain word usage, blacklist websites so they cannot be accessed, set up curfews to send notifications to your child to remind them, and set up restricted area notifications so you know if your child has gone to a place they are not allowed to be.

13.1 - WWW

You can also monitor your child’s photos to make sure nothing inappropriate is being shared.

07.1-Photos Page(Facebook Events)

I tested the app out using my husband as a guinea pig. I set up restricted areas to see how the notifications would work, and I have to say…this app works really well at tracking activity. I received notifications every time he left our home, as well as any time he entered the restricted area (which happened to be his work address). I definitely think this would be a great tool to use if you are at all concerned about your teen/tween’s safety.

web safety dashboard

So tell us…

Would you feel comfort knowing you could find where your child is at any time?
Would you use a safety app like this?

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This post brought to you by WebSafety. All opinions are my own.