The task of parenting teenagers can be a handful at times because there are many ways in which they may end up getting hurt. The main one among these is while they’re driving on the road. As such, you need to know how to keep your teen driver safe even when they’re out of your sight. Outlined below are some of the ways in which you can do this.

Show Them Basic Car Maintenance

Basic car maintenance is one of the most important things that you can show your teens to keep them safe while they drive. This is because driving a well-maintained car is the first step towards having a safe driving experience. Alert them to some of the signs that they should look out for so that they know when it’s time to head to their mechanic.

In a study that was meant to examine the diagnostic abilities of 2,000 American drivers, it was found that the average car has at least three things that don’t function as they should. These include hearing a rattling noise for 17% of them, squeaky brakes for 15%, and having the check engine light on for 15% of them as the most common problems. Ensuring that your teen knows when they need to have their vehicle checked out may make it easier for them to enjoy a safe driving experience.

Ensure They Have Emergency Numbers

The next step in parenting teenagers who have started driving is to share with them emergency numbers that they may need. These numbers should be easy for them to access so that in case they encounter a problem on the road, they can get the help that they need. This is an important safety measure since 34% of Americans would make use of roadside assistance if they got a flat tire or got locked out of their car. That said, give them a notebook with the necessary emergency numbers and safety procedures to follow in case of an accident. Have them save this information on their phones to keep it safe as well, and you’ll have helped them be a bit safer while on the road.

Remind Them to Avoid Distractions While Driving

Next, tell your teenager that it’s crucial to focus on the road whenever they’re behind the wheel. This calls for taking measures such as setting their phone on silent so that they’re not distracted by constant message pings that compete for their attention. They should also keep music low, an important consideration given that 82% of Gen Z and 76% of Millennials in a survey reported that they listen to music in their car. This can help them to stay more alert and be aware of the things happening around them, something that will improve their safety considerably.

Tell Them to Never Drive While Under the Influence

Last but not least, tell your teen drivers that they should never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If they’re going out to a party or they will be in a situation where there’s alcohol, they should always make alternative plans for getting back home. Developing this habit as early as possible can save them from making a poor decision in the future, and this is what your aim should be. While underage drinking should be discouraged, your teen may find themselves in a situation where a friend who was supposed to be their ride, ends up drinking, and this puts them in a bad spot. Let them know that there are options available to them, such as hailing a ride on an app, and allow them to feel safe calling you as a parent in those tricky situations.

Use these tips to keep your teen driver safe while they’re on the road. You’ll be happy that you took the time to do so as you’ll become more confident in your abilities on the road as a driver. This will give them life-saving skills and afford you valuable peace of mind any time they’re out and about.