Over the last two weeks you got to see what Mommy Bunch writers Nicole, and Jesica thought about the new Vtech Kidiminiz.  Now take a little peek at how much fun Heather and her kids had playing with them!


When the Kidiminiz first arrived, my two sons fought over who was going to get them. We received two Kidiminiz, so I had to split them up between the two boys to ensure they would each get one. One of my sons got the dog, and the other got the cat. Right away they started playing with them and having fun. They really enjoyed feeding them and even pretended to wash them.

Finally after hours of playing and having fun, I got them to put the two Kidiminiz in front of each other so they could talk to each other. It was the cutest thing ever! They sang songs together and they talked! My favorite saying is when the dog says: “I like to chew bones.” Then the cat responds: “do you like fish bones?” My kids just laughed every time they heard this. This was the only thing they said for the next two days.

The following weekend I let them take their new pets to their mom’s house, and they promised to remember to bring them back. They were very good about remembering to bring them, because they didn’t want to be without their Kidiminiz!

Austin, my one in Kindergarten, took his cat to school for show and tell. He named him Apple because he is green. All the kids loved this cat. His teacher even let him keep it at his desk all day as long as he payed attention in class.

When I went to pick him up at school over the next few days, the teacher and two of the parents questioned me about Apple. They loved the idea of an electronic pet for kids. I also told them about the dog we had (Fruit Loop my son called him) and how they interact. Everyone I talked to just fell in love with these and really enjoyed them!

Once the boys finally gave up the Kidiminiz for a bit, my daughter had a chance to play with them as well.  She is only two, but loved them just as much as the older boys did! 

Mommy Bunch ApprovedThe Kidiminiz really are a great gift for any child for the holidays! These are especially great if you can not have pets and want to give your kids something fun they can call their own!

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Written by Heather.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.