The day our kidiminiz arrived at our house, my 3-year-old daughter Macey had gotten stung by a bee for the first time, and my oldest daughter McKenna had just survived her five year old shots a few days before.  It was perfect timing to introduce them to their new kidiminiz, to get their mind off of the rough week they had.

When I took the kidiminiz out of their shipping box, McKenna instantly claimed the pink bunny as the one she wanted. My daughter Macey was very happy with getting the blue puppy, as that is her favorite animal.

I got McKenna’s bunny out of the box first. Without having to give her any direction of how it worked, Mckenna instinctively started to play with her new bunny, which she has named Butterscotch. The first feature McKenna fell in love with was when you hold the carrot in front of the bunny’s mouth, it follows the carrot. She thought that was really cool.

The second thing she discovered is that when you have it in free play, the bunny has a mosquito buzzing around its face, and it asks you to clap your hands to get the mosquito away. She thought that was really funny. She also really likes being able to customize the eyes, nose and mouth on her new friend.

When I gave Macey her puppy, which she has named Samuel, she mimicked her sister and started to put the bone in front of its face so it would follow her around. The thing that Macey likes the best about her puppy is the song mode. She likes when she claps her hands and the puppy sings and dances. When I put both of the kidiminiz together – McKenna’s reaction was priceless when they started to interact. They started to since and dance together – and she thought that was the best thing ever.  Take a look:

After playing with the kidiminiz for a few days, McKenna has grown to love the alarm clock feature on her pet. She is always asking me to set it for certain times – snack time, dinner time, time to wake up, etc.

This morning was our first morning of school where she has ever used an alarm clock. Usually I have to wake her up for school, but we set the alarm for 10 minutes before I usually wake her up. She was so excited when it went off, that I didn’t even need to tell her twice to get up! Coming from a mom that has a hard time getting her kids out of the house by 6:30 a.m. – that is a HUGE bonus feature of the kidiminiz.

Mommy Bunch ApprovedMy kids love their new pets. We had five of McKenna’s friends over for a birthday party this weekend, and they were all intrigued with them as well. All of the little girls wanted to play with them. I really like them because my kids can play with them together – or by themselves. And I really like the alarm feature because even if the novelty of these wear off, they will still be functional.

The only bad thing about these little guys is they can be a bit needy and loud if your kids forget to shut them off. But that is easily solved by a push of the button. I highly recommend these for kids on your list this holiday season.


Written by Nicole.

Disclaimer:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own!