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There is tons of learning to be had at Kids Academy!!

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There are tons of different apps, sections, add-ons, bonuses, Montessori Toys and so much more to aid in your child’s ever-growing, always changing academic needs! Let Kids Academy help boost your child’s creativity, and intellectual growth, by doing what they love best….. playing games!

Here are a few of the things Kids Academy has to offer!

Montessori Worksheets for Kids HD

Learning to write has never been more fun! Your kids will not only learn to write letters but will also develop good handwriting habits!


With a proven multisensory approach, the app. teaches children to write uppercase and lowercase letters, whether they are right-handed or left! Children are constantly rewarded visually and verbally, and also charted and graphed, to keep your child engaged in learning! There are also two levels of difficulty, tracing and writing independently!



*** TOP 4 in the US App Store in Games/Kids Category ***

*** TOP 100 Overall in March 2013 ***

Mastered the Alphabet!? That’s ok…. Let us work on numbers next!


123 Tracing

123 Tracing is an action-packed app that teaches kids numbers with an engaging game that keeps them glued to the screen.  Great pictures, and sounds will continue to make learning fun!  This math game keeps up to speed with the fundamental math concepts that are critical for preschoolers of today! Such as,  identifying numbers; one-to-one number correspondence; reading number symbols; associating symbols with quantity etc. Appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills. Not only can they discover numbers through initial independent play, you can also play collaboratively with your child.


*** TOP 4 in the US App Store in Games/Kids Category ***

*** TOP 100 Overall in March 2013 ***

Now that you have mastered your numbers and your letters, how about we work on some words!

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ABC Games


Based on the  Montessori learning method, and aligned with Kindergarten Reading foundation Skills of Common Core Standards, ABC Games develop spelling and reading skills through fascinating games, and delightful animation! Your child will learn letters and words through animated flashcards. Plus, there are secret parent sections, where you can track your child’s progress!


★★★ TOP2 Educational App in the US App Store in August 2012★★★

★★★TOP 100 Overall Apps in the US★★★

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm is a forever classic, which makes this popular application so wonderful!

I am pretty sure B-I-N-G-O and M.I.C-K.E.Y-M.O.U.S.E (caught yourself singing there didn’t you) were the first words I had ever learned to spell! Pass on that tradition with this captivating app by Kids Academy. BINGO, with it’s catchy tune, cute interactions and simple lyrics, will for sure entertain your kids and you!  One of my ABSOLUTE favorite part of this app, is that your child (you) can sing and record themselves/yourself in a fun Karaoke session.

You can ALSO,

bingo 2

Teach your children about farm and animals. Flip the card and get your kids to answer fascinating questions like: – How does the scarecrow help farmers?  What animals live in a barn during cold weather? What is a baby cow called? You can also record a 1-minute story about each animal.





*** TOP 1 in the US App Store in Education Category *** *** TOP 50 Overall in April 2013 ***


You will want to download the full version of this application, as the free section only gives a limited percent of all the wonderful things this application has to offer.  This application also has excellent “Parental Controls “. You will be instructed to parent area ahead, and directions to continue.