Kids are basically a walking (sometimes talking) little breeding ground for germs. I mean think about all those runny noses, poopy diapers, and dirty messes they get into. If my kids weren’t covered in grime after spending a day at the farm with grandpa, I’d think something was seriously wrong. Of course, that means we have bath night every night in our house, and when germs do hit we use the best thermometer for kids to help us stay on top of their health.

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Things No One Tells Us Before Having Kids

Seriously, have you thought about it? Kids are basically disasters waiting to happen, and the associated germy messes are just a part of parenthood that no-one bothers to tell us about BEFORE we have kids.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I never realized my house would always look like there had been a “bull in a china shop” roaming around. Or that I may spend nights awake with a sick kid puking in the toilet and pooping on the wall — yeah, Kids Are Gross.

I mean how many of us, as parents, have experienced the ‘poop in the tub‘ incident? Houston, we have a floater!

best thermometer for kids - kinsa smart thermometer

Or there is that moment you notice your child has been sucking on a lollipop – that you didn’t give them! Say good-bye to the 5-second rule when you become a parent because everything is fair game in a toddler’s eyes.


My daughter currently loves taking her diaper off. She also hates when she has poop in her diaper. Not a pretty combination. Looks like this little lady has the same issue.

kids are gross poopy diaper

Yep, kids are gross. There is no way around it, and as parents, it is our job to keep them healthy regardless of the sticky, yucky, poopy, germy messes they get into.

When you are concerned about your kids’ health those inconvenient messes aren’t such a big deal, but making sure your son or daughter is taken care of is a big deal.

Why Kinsa is The Best Thermometer For Kids

Kinsa is a new smart thermometer to make family health tracking simple and easy. Not only does it give you fast and accurate temperature readings, there is a free app connected to your smartphone that helps you track your family’s health over time, making it easy to share with your doctor. 


Their award winning thermometer has a 10-second read time and animated screens to help kids stay put while a reading is being taken. This makes it to the top of my list as the best thermometer for kids!

Kinsa Is Easy To Use

You can use this thermometer orally, under the armpit, or rectally. There are no batteries required so it will never die, and you can use with any disposable probe covers if you’d like to avoid spreading germs around (it is easy to clean as well). I typically use it under the armpit for my kids as it is the easiest place for me to take their temperature. 

Awesome Health Tracking

You can monitor symptoms for each member of the family and track illness progression, plus you can document with pictures! You will know exactly when you took an initial reading, gave medicine, and if the temperature has gone up or down since then.

Neighborhood Health Report

What makes this truly the best thermometer for kids? If your school takes part in Kinsa’s FLUency program you can see the health status of any illnesses reported in the area (available without the school program under groups). You will know when to triple wash those hands because there has been an outbreak of the flu, or be able to find out if a bunch of kids have been coming down with strep.

groups-weatherFluency from Kinsa on Vimeo.

This year, Kinsa will again be providing free thermometers to schools throughout the country. To apply, be sure to sign up for the Kinsa newsletter as they will be announcing applications in mid-August. Just another reason this is the best thermometer for kids!

If you think your school would benefit from this technology, buy your thermometer now and check out how it works before applying for the FLUency program — they will need to have a coordinator at each school who is a Kinsa evangelist and is involved in the school as well in order to help spread the word about the program and help parents take part.

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