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Fish Tacos

Funny story… when my oldest was a toddler the only thing he would eat was chicken. Everything became chicken; pork was chicken, chicken was chicken, and fish was chicken. When we’d go out to eat or to visit the grandparent’s house on Friday nights for fish, it was forever dubbed ‘chicken-fish’ night.

While the name has stuck, the kids now know that they are actually eating fish…and they love it! We love eating fish in a variety of ways, but one of our new favorites is fish tacos!

The great thing about these fish tacos is that they are very easy to prepare (takes less than 30 minutes and has only four ingredients), and you can make them in a variety of ways to suit different tastes.

Easy Kids’ Favorite Fish Tacos

To make these simple and delicious fish tacos we started with some Treasures from the Sea Breaded Flounder Fillets found at Sam’s Club. Just bake according to package directions.


While you are baking your fillets you can prepare your other taco fillings. We simply used a pre-packaged coleslaw mixture with cabbage and carrots and mixed it with Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette for a delicious slaw topping to our fish.

Fish Taco Slaw

After your fish is ready, shred to bite-sized pieces that you can fit in a taco shell. I just use a fork and pull the fillets apart.

Fish shredded

At this point you can add your fish, slaw, and any additional toppings to your hard taco shells if you choose to use shells (as pictured at the top of this article). If you prefer soft tacos you can prepare corn tortillas instead, which are actually my favorite way to eat these. The kids like the ease of the hard shells but did try the tortillas this time too and loved it!

To prepare your tortillas you can throw them in the microwave (that’s what the kids did), or you can pop them in a skillet or on a flame if you have a gas stove like we do.

Fish taco tortilla 1

Just long enough to brown a little and heat through, then flip them over.

Fish taco tortilla 2

The hubby is getting pretty good at making these just right!

tortilla flipping

Once warmed, fill your tortilla shell with the shredded fish, slaw, and any additional toppings you desire. I love guacamole and sour cream on mine, along with a squeeze of lime.

Favorite Fish Tacos

Fold and enjoy!

Fave fish taco

The kids prefer to eat with ketchup — kids!

Fish Taco Enjoy


Kids' Favorite Fish Tacos
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    Try them for yourself!


    Want to try these awesome fish tacos for yourself? Head to Sam’s Club on March 19th & 20th and you can sample them during their live demo event (for a list of stores offering demos click here). You can also visit the seafood section of Sam’s club for exclusive online premium seafood offers.

    Once at Sam’s Club, just grab the flounder fillets and Vinegarette and you will be on your way to creating some amazing fish tacos! You can find the flounder in the freezer section and the Vinegarette may be on the end cap like it was in my store, or in the salad dressing aisle. Sam's ClubI love buying fish at Sam’s Club because I know they always offer high-quality seafood that is sustainably sourced.



    So tell us…

    Do you have any funny stories about your kids and their food preferences?
    What is your favorite way to enjoy fish?