How do you plan to save this week!? With Kmart Double Coupon Days, you can double any coupon up to $2.00 making it $4.00 off!!! Imagine the possibilities and the endless savings! You know that the couponers are going crazy for this deal, marking down their $100 purchases to merely pennies, but don’t be intimidated, you can save too!

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I know that I don’t have the time or patience to be a royal “couponer”, but I do know how to find some deals, and feel good about my savings! For example, I need to stock up on toilet paper, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and diapers, so here is how I saved over 12 bucks, just in coupons! Plus, don’t forget I am a Shop Your Way Member, so I earned points and cash back as well!  You can also go back and repeat the transaction if you need more toilet paper or other household supplies.

I started with $1.00 coupon on Kmart’s website on 12ct or higher Charmin, doubling that to get $2 off!  Priced currently at $6.99, makes this $4.99– PLUS, don’t forget if you are a Shop Your Way member, you will earn cash back on this purchase and all other purchases!


Now on to my need for toothpaste, which for a twin pack is priced at $6.49. Using the $2 off coupon and doubling it makes this purchase $2.49! Amazing savings!

toothpasteCan’t forget the laundry soup! Woolite is regular $8.99, but with the $1.10 coupon, which I will double, will mark it down to $6.79!


Huggies diapers are $10.99, there is a coupon on Kmart’s website for $2 off, double that to $4 and you pay $6.99!


Print Coupons right from Kmart’s website or head to this coupon site! Check it out!


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Please share with us how you saved!