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We are about to embark on our first journey to Medieval Times, the restaurant, not time travel. Though I do wish I could time travel…. I digress. With our upcoming trip, I thought it would be fun to learn about Knights, Castles, & Facts – Medieval Times style. 🙂

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I was able to get a bit of information right from Medieval Times themselves — hey, the best information is information from the source. Am I right?

All About Knights, Castles & Facts – Medieval Times Style!

Knight Training

  • All Knights begin their training as Squires – just as they did in the Middle Ages – learning horse care, sword fighting, and weaponry. It takes a minimum of six months of training to become a Knight.
  • Knights perform with real metal weapons and wear authentic armor. During battle scenes, real titanium swords create sparks.
  • Every shield must be repainted after every show.
  • When jousting, the Knights charge at speeds of approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour and reach an impact velocity speed of about 30 to 40 miles per hour.


“In myth and in legend, the Knight and the horse are forever linked. Few things are held in such great esteem by the Medieval warrior than a stalwart horse, who possesses the bold courage of his master and the quiet strength of his ancestors.” 

  • Each year, 25 foals are born at Chapel Creek Ranch, where they spend two years training.
  • Horses enjoy retirement at the ranch after 15 to 20 years of performing.
  • Medieval Times is the #1 breeder of pure Spanish horses in North America.
    (More information about the horses: Facts – Medieval Times and Horses )

At The Castle

  • Each arena is filled with about 4,455 cubic feet of sand – about the load of 10 dump trucks.
  • As the festivities begin, trumpeters herald the guests into the Grand Ceremonial Arena where they are seated in one of the six color-coded sections corresponding to the colors of one of the daring Knights. Serfs and wenches attend to every need of the guests who feast on a four-course dinner in true Medieval, pre-silverware fashion.
  • 125,000 gallons of soup are served each year.
  • 400,000 gallons of Pepsi are consumed each year.

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Stay tuned…. after we visit I’ll update you with fun pictures AND a chance to win a family pack of tickets to visit for yourself!




This post with facts Medieval Times style is presented via a sponsored partnership with USFG and Medieval Times. Opinions are my own.



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