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If you are like me you crave a little time out with just the girls on occasion. Not because you want to escape your family, but because you sometimes want a conversation that doesn’t revolve around reminding someone to wash their hands, blow their nose, or reading that bunny book for the hundredth time today.

Having a time where you can relax with the girls, enjoy a hobby, or even just partake in great adult conversation is a much-needed break from the norm. Our latest ladies night out took us to a ceramic shop where we all worked on painting our own little masterpieces!

Getting out of the house isn’t always that easy, especially if you have four kids like we do. While my husband is always excited for me to go hang out with the girls for ladies night out, things can get a bit hectic around here in the evenings. Having a game-plan in place helps things along, gets me out the door, and keeps my husband a happy camper. Having done this a few times now, I have some simple tips to help you get out the door too!

Ladies Night – Tips For A Smooth Transition

Do Something Fun With The Kids

While not necessarily essential, doing something fun with the kids beforehand helps ease the transition for when you are heading out the door without them. My kids seem to think I’m abandoning every time I leave the room, so heading out the door can lead to a few tears shed here and there. 

If you can find the time, pick an activity they will enjoy before your night away. Before my most recent ladies night, I took the younger kids on a day trip to the zoo and they loved the extra mommy-only time.

Not only did we have a ton of fun together, but they were pretty tired and hungry when we got back and were more worried about eating than they were about me leaving. :)

Have A Dinner Plan

While my husband is perfectly capable of making dinner for everyone on his own (and willing), making a run to Hy-vee for a 12 piece chicken bucket that comes with three pint-sized sides and a 2 Liter Coca-Cola™ is an easy way to ensure the evening goes a little smoother, and that I’ll be able to take advantage of these opportunities more often. 

Simply head over to Hy-Vee (and drive right in with the kid cart). 

Make your selection of your favorite sides. The kids picked mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and Brussel sprouts. 

Zoom over to the soda aisle and grab your Coca-Cola that comes with the meal. 

Now all you have to do is head home and serve!

Everyone is excited to eat food they love and daddy is a happy camper because he doesn’t have to make a meal or do a lot of clean-up afterward!

If you want a meal worth savoring, add the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola to your meal. The pairings are endless — check out some other fun options HERE.
Find your local HyVee’s deals of the week HERE.

Plan A Relaxing Activity

Once you are out of the house, opt for a relaxing activity like a painting class, coffee at your favorite coffeehouse, or dinner and drinks at a restaurant you hardly ever get to go to. For our ladies night out, we did a ceramic painting class and everyone absolutely loved it!

Here is my little penguin as we were getting started.

I’ve got a bit of color on him now and he’s coming along nicely!

And the final product – isn’t he the cutest?!