Yep, I’m guilty again. I actually DO have all my gifts purchased/made/ready-to-go, however, wrapping on the other hand – it’s gonna be a last minute job once again!

I’m not sure how I always seem to end up in this situation, but if you are like me and will be burning the midnight oil to get all those gifts wrapped, you may be looking for a simpler solution!

Make that last minute gifting look good!

I actually think I found a way to not only get all my gifts wrapped up, looking nice, and ready to be gifted – but also save money doing it! I absolutely hate the fact that I forget to budget in the gift bags and wrapping paper when I’m buying gifts. I always overlook it. This year I actually ran out of wrapping paper and had to make an extra trip to get more!

The good thing is, I went to Dollar Tree because they carry all the same gift bags that everyone else does, but they are only $1.00 a piece! That means I can gift to my heart’s content and it won’t break the bank. I’m so excited, because gift bags are SO much easier than wrapping. Plus all the gift boxes make it super easy to give treats to the neighbors.

Dollar Tree gift bag

Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

While at Dollar Tree, I not only picked up the extra gift bags I needed, I also grabbed a few last minute stockings stuffers. The kids will each love a little toy stuffed in their stocking.

Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

I didn’t forget the adults…they get stocking stuffers too!

Dollar Tree Adult Stocking Stuffers

Oh, and while I was checking out the batteries were a great find! We always need extra batteries, and I don’t want to end up with toys the kids can’t play with if there are no batteries around!

Dollar Tree batteries

Now that I have all my needed gift bags and wrapping paper I’m set.

dollar tree gifting

All my gift giving is ready to go and I can sit back and relax…..

Oh wait! I still have to pack – eeeek!


So tell us…

Are all your gifts wrapped and ready or will you be burning the midnight oil?



Thanks to Dollar Tree for making my gift giving easier this year!