My kids were beyond excited when I showed them the new gaming system they got to try out. The LeapTV set up in a matter of minutes, which is great because I had two very excited kids who were ready to play, play, play!

leap into gaming

Both my son and daughter gave the game a try and found it very easy to understand and use, then we had a few friends over to enjoy the fun with us and check out how awesome the game is!

leapfrog group

Here are the things that the kids loved about the game: 

You are actually IN the game!

part of the game

Each player can create their own world. My daughter could have spent hours and hours just creating her own little domain for her unicorn. She loved picking out all the items, watching them change and grow as she played games (eggs hatched to birds, trees grew, etc.).

leaptv world

Pointer play. There are several different ways to play games on the LeapTV; some get you right into the game, some have you use the controller with both hands, and other games have you flip the controller open and use it as a pointer. Feeding pets was a fun way to use the pointer!

pointer play

It’s exciting to play!


Educational activities. While my son may tell you this was his least favorite part of playing, I loved that in order to get bonuses or better equipment to use during play (like better baseball bats), you had to do educational activities to earn them!


The LeapTV was a major hit in our household! The kids have been asking to play it almost every night, I’ve even had to limit it a little as we don’t normally allow games on school nights, but that just makes it that much more fun on the weekends!

Don’t take my word for it though, check out this fun little mash-up that shows just how much fun they were having!

Want more info about the LeapTV?

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There are so many great features of this game, we are learning new things every day! We can’t wait to try out our newest games, including Jake and the Neverland Pirates!


So tell us…

What is your favorite feature of the LeapTV?!




Thank you to Leap Frog and BSM media for this awesome game, opinions are our own!