Smartick provided us a free trial to use this program. Opinions are my own.

Over the summer the kids and I started a program to help maintain and develop their math skills. I’ve tried numerous online elementary math programs with them before to learn math at home, but nothing seemed to really hold their interest nor was anything really ‘that great’ at helping them learn new skills. Then we found Smartick.

What Is Smartick

Smartick is a fun and entertaining method to learn math. Daily 15 minute sessions, which adapt in real-time to the student’s responses, make it easy and fun to learn math by keeping kids engaged. My 8 yr old daughter and my 10 yr old son both tried out Smartick and they both found it to be a fun way to learn math.

online elementary math program - smartick

I also had my 3 yr old daughter try it out as the program says it works for ages 4 – 14, and with a little help from my older daughter on how to use a computer, she really enjoyed the program as well.

The younger kids don’t need to know any math, or how to read. The program walks and talks them through everything, like learning numbers, counting, etc. The only struggle for her was using a computer since we had not given her many experiences with that yet.

Do Kids Like It?

A 10 yr old boy: My son will be the first one to tell you (if asked) that he really dislikes school, and finds math hard. After using Smartick, I can’t say that he enjoys school any more than before, but he has found that the lessons are easy to understand and fun to do.

The only issue we had with my son was getting started. You take a placement test at the beginning to see what your skill level is at and he hates being tested. After that initial test, it was a breeze.

An 8 yr old girl: My daughter, on the other hand, has always loved school and excels at most things. She was highly motivated to use this program because she loved learning more and more every day. It was a fun way for her to learn, plus she got to earn rewards (set by me) after earning so many ‘ticks’.

A 3 yr old girl: My youngest was thrilled that she got to ‘do school’ just like the older kids, and was really excited that she was able to use the computer. She knew the answers to many of the questions which kept her engaged. This program really does understand the level that your child is at and adapts to what they need to work on and learn.

How Does Smartick Work?

Pensar SmartickReasoning skills

Students work on mental calculation and algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They are improving both math and reading comprehension.

MetodoLatest EdTech A.I.

Children develop at their own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude to math.

15 minutos15 minutes a day

Short, daily sessions at maximum concentration. No commuting or schedules. Access Smartick from your PC or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

PedagogicoFaster than in school

Smartick does not follow the official curriculum or State standards. Smartick allows your child to advance faster than in school.

What’s It Like?

Many of the lessons will have you practice skills and the better you do, the harder the problems will become. Eventually, you reach a point where you need more help – which is when the tutorials kick in. The program is “smart” in that it can detect what skills you’ve already mastered and what you need more work on.

Visuals and explanations via a voice tutorial will accompany many of the lessons. For the one below, my daughter was working on multiplication skills by listening to the instructor, looking at the visuals provided, and answering questions along the way.

smartick best online elementary math program

After the lessons are complete your child will have the opportunity to make corrections. If they choose to do this, they can earn extra ticks. My daughter usually always does the corrections, my son skips it.

Once done, they get their final results, which can include bonus ticks for completing lessons on consecutive days (to encourage daily use).

About Rewards or ‘Ticks’

One of mine and my children’s favorite things about the program is the ability to set rewards as they progress. You can customize them for each child so they have something to look forward to by meeting goals. My son and daughter both love to go to the movies so we set a goal that upon receiving 50 ticks they would get to go to a movie of choice with me!

One of the things my daughter also likes (my son isn’t really into this kind of stuff) is the ability to visit her “room” after the lessons have been completed. She can customize it however she likes by spending ticks she’s earned on fun things for her avatar, decorating the room, and more.

You can also compete against other users in games, or play games on your own.

Do Moms Like It?

If I had to pick a favorite online elementary math program, Smartick would be it. We’ve tried lots of other app and web-based services and none are as comprehensive, or as easy to use. The parent dashboard in this program is really well designed. The lessons for the kids are super easy for them to follow and complete (in terms of function, they are challenged in their thinking), and the way the incentive system is set up really helps to motivate the kids.

I also love that you get emails keeping you updated as to your child’s progress. As soon as they complete a session, you get an email with results. You also get emails if they miss sessions.

Smartick is without a doubt the best online elementary math program I have found and if you give it a try (you can try it for free for 15 days!), I know you’ll end up loving it as much as I did. Give your kids 15-minutes a day and they’ll love it too!

This mom likes it, for sure!

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