Meal time can be craziness in our house. Four hungry animals kids to feed, who are all fighting over who gets which plate, and who gets to eat first. I’m not really sure why this happens, we’ve never not fed any of them (that I recall) and we all eat the same things (except those who refuse every option given and settle on “milk please”). Time to call in the secret weapon! With the Less Mess Happy Mat from EZPZ, things started to change a bit.

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Stress-Free Meal Time (almost)

With the introduction of these amazing placemats, my kids actually started requesting to use them and were eating better than ever! The kids loved the designs, loved the little compartments for the food, and loved that they each have their own color. 

What hasn’t changed is that there is still a bit of bickering, but we’ve moved on from who gets their plate first to other things (you name it, they’ll find a reason to argue about it). I’m still calling it a win, though. 🙂

In addition to using the less mess Happy Mat for meal times, we also have a Flower Play Mat that works great for crafts, snacks, a paint tray, or really anything you can think of!

Snack time has been a breeze since introducing the Flower Mat.

I just love all these little compartments!

Less Mess Happy Mat Flower Play Mat

Why The Less Mess Happy Mat?

A Color For Everyone

While the Happy Mat is designed for toddlers in order to keep meal times a little less messy, my older kids really wanted one too because they just thought they were pretty cool. So now, everyone has their own color mat to eat from and there is no more fighting about who gets what plate.

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Sturdy Construction

The best part of these mats is that they are made from silicone and suction right to the table, so there is less mess! 

s award-winning offering - The Happy Mat!

The less mess Happy Mats are really heavy and durable. According to ezpzfun, they don’t wear (doesn’t fade, corrode, or deteriorate). I love that I can keep using them from my oldest to my youngest and they will last.

Dishwasher Safe

While you can wash these easily with warm soapy water, you can also throw them in the dishwasher in a pinch. The 100% food grade silicone material doesn’t support the growth of fungus, mold, or bacteria so no matter which way you go in terms of cleaning, you are good to go.

In addition to being dishwasher safe, the EZPZ products are microwave safe and oven safe up to 350 degrees! You can basically make a meal, stack the mats, carry to the table, and serve all in one fell swoop!

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Stay Put Design

The EZPZ less mess happy mats are designed with a large surface area that doubles as a plate and placemat all in one. The large area is adequate to capture spills, crumbs, and little messes that make their way out off spoons and onto surfaces.

My 1yr old has been known to throw his dishes once he decides he is done eating, but no more! 

While he is eating, the mat and the food stay put. He is a smart cookie so he has learned to pick up the corner to release the mat, but it is heavy enough that he can’t toss it.

Easy To Store

At first, I wasn’t sure where we were going to put these mats because they are rather large, but then I realized you could stack them or fold them in half for storage. We have a baker’s rack with some shelves on the bottom and are able to stack them easily on the shelf. You could also stack in a cabinet quite easily. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall I think the ezpz line of products are great. It is a great concept to keep the dish and mat all as one. I’ve had those suction bowls before and I wasn’t really a huge fan. The mats are different in that they are not plastic, they clean up very easily, and they are heavy duty. 

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Thanks to Share-A-Sale and ezpz for providing me with some mats to try. Opinions are my own.