If you want to put some fun under the tree this year, University Games has a line of products great for any age!

My kids love to color, play games, and just have fun, so when we had the chance to try a few things from University Games, we were excited!

poppin hoppies

Trying out Poppin Hoppies

My kids love board games, but when they can play a game that really gets them in on the action they are all for it. Poppin Hoppies just does that! 

Players have to be the first to catch 6 Poppin Hoppies and complete a character to win.

poppin hoppies

Catching the hoppies was a ton of fun, and everyone was squeeling with delight as we anticipated which one might “pop” next! (It was quite difficult to try to get a picture of a hoppie in mid-jump, this was the closest I got as the yellow one is about to take off!)   🙂

poppin hoppies

We had a ton of fun with this game, and the others were pretty cool too!

About Brainbox

After looking at a card of images for 10 seconds players try to answer questions about the card they just viewed. Can you remember the color of the boy’s shirt in the picture?

Studies have shown that children, as well as adults, have short-term memory issues, especially in children with low self-esteem. Brain Box games are a fun and interactive tool to strengthen memory retention and gain confidence.

About Color On! Coloring Roll

Color On! rolls include scenes of dinosaurs, sea creatures and even princesses to be colored in with Color On! crayons. Kids can choose to work on a small piece and create a work of art for the refrigerator or color a whole mural to be placed on the wall.

Color On! is easily stored, and can go anywhere! Parents can roll it up and bring it on vacation, to the park or they can lay it out in the living room. The crayons can be stored inside the roll andsharpened with the crayon sharpener to have perfect coloring tools every time. Kids will be busywith the “Can You Find” activity on each box and the feet upon feet of coloring play.

Find Poppin Hoppies and more!

If you want to find more information about any of these great games, or the many games that University Games has to offer, visit them online here: University Games



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