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Tomorrow is the big day! If you are a huge Little Mermaid fan then get ready because the restored Diamond Edition releases tomorrow, October 1st! The release of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on Blu-ray/DVD is giving a whole new generation of kids the chance to experience Ariel’s undersea world. The film features digitally restored audio and video along with a host of bonus features that make this a must-have for Disney fans.

Sharing The Little Mermaid with my kids

I had a chance to sit down and watch this film all over again, plus show it to my kids for the first time. They were hooked! When I asked my son what his favorite part was, he told me he loved it when Sebastian was in the kitchen with the chef and was getting chased all over. My daughter loves when Ariel changes from a mermaid to a princess. She had her Ariel doll with her while we were watching the movie and every time Ariel would change to a princess she would change her doll. When she changed back to a mermaid, she changed her doll back. It was really cute to watch!

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The Little Mermaid Bonus Features

One of the things I absolutely love about the Diamond Edition disc is the bonus features. I’m not usually a bonus feature type of gal, but I was really intrigued by some of the content on this disc. One of my favorites was {spoiler alert!!} learning about live action shots to help with the animation. I never knew they actually filmed people acting out the scenes to help the animators draw them more life like. It was a really interesting feature to watch and learn about!

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I received an all expenses paid trip to from Disney to Los Angeles, CA to attend the Planes Red Carpet Premiere, attend an event for The Little Mermaid diamond edition DVD release, and to meet Disney’s Super Buddies. All opinions expressed are my own.