I must seriously live behind a cloud or something, because I didn’t know you could get a ring adjuster for your rings!  My husband never wears his wedding band because it is too big for his finger and he is afraid of it falling off.  When we ordered it, we got an awesome deal since the company was going out of business, however, we ordered the wrong size so he only wears it on special occasions.

I can’t blame him since I really don’t wear mine that often either. After our second child was born my fingers (among other things) really swelled up and haven’t gone back down to exactly the same size as before, so my ring is a little too tight and sometimes it hurts to wear it, especially on really humid days.

Let’s face it, we are just way too cheap to get our rings re-sized, so we would just rather not wear them, lol.  If we get a ring adjuster though, maybe my husband would start wearing his ring a little more.  This is definitely something I have to check out.  I found a set of ten ring adjusters online at Damart.



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