With the cool breezes finally blowing in and the temperature dipping below 80 degrees for the first time in a while, I am finally starting to feel like fall is beckoning. With fall comes harvest time, and for me that means apples. Apples upon apples upon apples (my FIL has a small orchard). What could be better than real fruit, right?

Unfortunately harvesting all those apples can only take place one season of the year, and for most people, having their own orchard at their disposal isn’t an option. So what is a fruit lover to do?

For me, I love to combine two of my favorite things….yogurt and real fruit! I not only get the real fruit that I love, but also a delicious and healthy treat to go with it. Yoplait Fruitful is a great option if you are looking for a premium yogurt that is blended with a lot of real fruit…1/3 cup to be exact!

fruitful cups

About Yoplait Fruitful

  • 1/3 cup of real fruit in each serving
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Six fruit flavors
  • Six ounces of yogurt in each cup
  • Available in the Midwest Central region starting August 2013
  • To find Fruitful nearest you, please use the product locator on the Fruitful website
  • Save $.30 on ONE when you use this coupon!

To add fruit or not to add fruit, that is never the question. So if you are ready to eat real fruit and put a little pep in your step, give Yoplait Fruitful a try!

fruitful pep

Be among the first to experience the goodness of new Yoplait Fruitful, with a $.30 off coupon available to download at the product website. The coupon is located on the right-hand side of the page by clicking on “Enjoy with a Coupon“.   (Void in LA, NV, NJ, ND and TN)

Yoplait Fruitful is currently available in select Midwest and Central regions. To find out if your local grocer carries Yoplait Fruitful, use the “where to buy” feature located at the bottom of the Fruitful landing page.

Long love fruit!



This article is sponsored by Yoplait