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Whether it is Easter, or any other holiday shopping, the grocery bill can be a budget buster. No matter if you are feeding a family of two or a family of twenty you still want to find the best savings possible to stretch that meal budget as far as it can go. Thanks to favado and, you can have a stress free Easter Dinner by finding the stores where your items have the best sale price in order to save yourself some money.

Simply download the favado app to create your shopping list and find out where to get the best prices! With the Favado app, you simply type in your zip code and they auto-fill the local stores for you. You can select which store(s) you wish to shop at and the app tells you everything you need to know. You get a list of what’s on sale, as well as what items have a coupon available (both digital and paper).

If you already have a menu plan in mind, just search the stores for your items and see which store will get you the best price. You really can save yourself a lot of time and money by just using this app before heading out to the store. Now that I’m getting into meal planning I know I will be using this app constantly! It is a must with a family of five and two working parents.


Download the Free Easter Savings Recipes and Grocery Shopping List Printable and use the menu and list for a stress free Easter dinner.

Menu Items:

Baked Ham with Pineapple

Au Gratin Potatoes

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
with Feta

Potato Rolls

Chocolate Raspberry


Why use the favado app?

Compare and save up to 70% on everyday items at your local grocery and drug stores.

The Favado app aggregates sales data for your local grocery, drug and big box stores. You’ll find the freshest sale data from the weekly ad, and if a sale item also has coupons available, Favado will tell you where to find them. Build a shopping list from the sales, and you’ll be able to stop over-spending at the grocery store.

Favado makes it easy to “know before you go” and make sure you’re only buying your favorite items before they go on sale. Doing so can save you up to 70% on everyday items! You’ll save the most if you build a shopping list around the week’s sales, but you can also use the search function to compare prices before you run out for milk.

Money saving experts across the country hand select the very best sale prices, even secret sales, from more than 65,000 grocery and drug stores nationwide, and add them weekly into Favado — so that the very best deals are right at your fingertips.

Spend Less Time and Save More 

Each week, you make a grocery list, trek to the store and spend more than you want to. Add it all up and it’s one of your biggest expenses each year. With Favado, you can significantly reduce your grocery bill and free up some cash for other things … like a vacation! Favado will help you outsmart the system and truly help you know before you go.

Download the Favado app today and start saving!

– Compare Prices Across Stores: Find out which store has the lowest prices this week – Favorite Sales: Tell us your Faves – your favorite items and brands – and we’ll show you when they go on sale at the stores you shop at
– Best Sales: Our store experts know what the best deals are each week, and these are called out for easy discovery.
– Bigger Savings: Save even more by accessing printable coupons that match with items already on sale for up to 70% savings.
– Make a Grocery List: Save all the items to your shopping list so you have easy access to them in store. This is also great for helping remember special sale requirements, like buy-one-get-one.



So tell us….

What do you have on your Easter dinner menu?