This is a sponsored post by Lorex Technology. All opinions are my own.

I recently talked about Why A Wire-Free Security Camera Is Right For Us, but what I didn’t mention was how simple this system was to install! Okay, I briefly mentioned the ease of setup, but this system is so easy to install I just have to show you exactly how easy it is to get your Lorex Security System up and running.

lorex security camera system

How To Install Your Lorex HD Wire-Free Security System

When you unbox your Lorex Wire-Free Security System, there is a quick connection guide that walks you through the whole process. It is really easy to follow and quite simple to do, however, if you ever lose this guide or just need a little recap of what to do simply follow the steps below.

Initial Setup 

The power packs included with your Lorex Cameras come fully charged out of the box, a feature I love! You can be up and running in a matter of minutes since you don’t have to sit and wait for the cameras to charge before use. 

To prepare the cameras simply attach an antenna (included) to each camera by screwing it on. Peel of the please remove label covering the contacts on the power pack and insert into the camera base. You should hear a ‘click’ when it is placed properly. 

Recorder Setup

Connect the recorder to your router using the included ethernet cable. Connect to a power source. 

Should you want to set up a monitoring system inside your home you will also connect the recorder to a monitor using the included HDMI cable and connect the included mouse using the USB port. This is an optional step as you do not need a monitor set up to the recorder, you are able to view all recordings via your smartphone or tablet. 


Connect to your system using the free Lorex Cirrus app available for both iOS and Android. Inside the app, open the menu and tap on devices, then add. Type in the device ID from your recorder (or scan the QR code). Client Port should read 35000 and enter the username (default: admin) and password (first time is 00000000. After the initial setup you’ll be prompted to change this and you’ll use your new password on any subsequent setup). 

Installing The Cameras

The recommendation on the quick setup guide is to place the cameras at least 7ft above the ground and angle slightly downward. I’ve found that these cameras capture a very wide picture range and you can really set it up at almost any position and get precisely the view you want no matter the angle. 

TIP: One tip I didn’t initially pay attention to and have now corrected in my app since re-reading the setup guide: position the camera so objects move from side-to-side across the camera image rather than toward or away from the camera.

I’m not sure why it makes a difference, but I have noticed when things move across the camera field of view the sensors pick the movement up faster than when things are moving toward the camera. 

To Install the cameras you simply place the included mounting bracket where you’d like to install the cameras.

Mark holes through the holes in the bracket so you know where to drill. My husband likes to clean off the surface first… totally optional.

Drill holes using the included drill bit. My husband is fussy about holes in our siding so we opted for some outdoor weatherproof mounting tape. He put up the brackets using the tape instead of screws and it has held the cameras up with no problems so far. We live in Wisconsin so the true test will be seeing how the mounting strips hold up in the winter. If you are worried about this, it is suggested you use the included mounting hardware. 

Secure the bracket to the surface with the included screws. Lower the camera onto the mounting bracket, and if preferred, secure with the included security screws on the top of the camera base. You can also tighten the pre-installed locking screw on the base of the power pack to ensure the battery pack stays put. 

Adjust the angle of the camera to the desired location. I did this while watching the camera view live on my phone. It made it really easy to see exactly where I wanted the camera positioned. 

Whether you are looking to capture those everyday moments that happen around your house, or just make your home feel a little more secure, it is so easy to have a security system installed and up and running in no time.