Little darlings and little terrors in equal measure, kids can often be a whirlwind whipping through your family home, leaving Lego bricks and grass stains in their wake. Obviously you wouldn’t want to change the little ones for the world, but you can tailor your house and its furnishings to make your life easier (and tidier!). Wipe-clean, pull-out, easy-stack furniture and accessories can make it easier to sweep away the trail of adorable destruction the kids often leave behind.

Easy to clean

Sticky fingers, dirty fingernails and spilled juice are all part of being a kid, but they can wreak havoc on soft furnishings in particular. Buying your living room suite in a wipe-clean material will doubtless pay for itself in saved cleaning bills, and with the collection of leather furniture at Littlewoods, it won’t break the bank either. Wooden furniture that is well-varnished is much less likely to hold a stain from a coaster-less cup, and a brightly-patterned wipe-clean play mat will look as much like a decoration as a protective covering, particularly for craft time.

Easy to assemble

The sleepover is a coming of age activity every young group of friends will go through. Staying up late, midnight snacks and barely-concealed whispers just make it more fun. However, rather than wrestling with a sleeping bag, a crafty pull-out futon or sofa-bed will mean there’s more than enough room for everyone when they eventually go to sleep, and can be swiftly folded away the next morning with minimal hassle. The same goes for foldable stools and tables: easily stored away for the next play date.

Easy to disguise

How the kids end up with so many toys we’ll never know, and why they always want the one at the bottom of the toy box is an even greater mystery. Thankfully, there’s tons of smart, bright storage solutions available, and online sites like offer buy now, pay later options a-plenty: stackable boxes, flexible laundry bins and even wheelie trollies, so there’s bound to be something big enough to cram in all the toys, but small enough to fit under the stairs.

Use these tips to save time and space, and avoid too much cleaning, meaning you can spend more quality time with your little ones.



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