Are you ready for the most addictive game you can play in one hand? The new game, Mahjong Crimes, is available for free on iOS and Android devices. This highly addictive and fun game delivers your favorite elements from the classic tile game, but with a fascinating twist!

In the new Mahjong Crimes, tap into your sleuthing skills as you investigate, search for clues, and solve puzzles while immersed in the world of Agatha Christie’s famous Murder on the Orient Express.

I’ve been playing this game whenever I have a few free moments, and it is definitely hard to put down! I love games like this, and with the added twist of solving puzzles, the game is even that much more enjoyable.

The Plot Thickens

In an all-new take on one of the world’s most popular games, 250 levels of Mahjong Solitaire unlock clues as you travel through 5 different scenarios within Agatha Christie’s iconic mystery. 

As you climb into your elegant compartment aboard the Orient Express, you’ll be faced with 1 of 7 inscrutable varieties of the classic tile-matching game. You may have to beat the clock to reveal a hidden clue. Or the tiles may have letters rather than Chinese characters, and matching those letters spells out an important facet of the case.

It is endlessly entertaining and is the only Mahjong game to feature an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

“It’s amazing to see Agatha Christie’s story taking shape so brilliantly in this 21st-century medium,” says James Prichard, Chairman, and CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd (who also happens to be the extraordinary writer’s great-grandson).

The Facts Of The Case

  • Mahjong and Murder on the Orient Express: two timeless classics combined into a single great game
  • 250 challenging levels, in 5 scenarios from Agatha Christie’s mystery
  • Power up to get ahead in the game
  • Collect unique Mahjong tile sets
  • The game stays fresh with more levels, mysteries and tile sets added regularly

Download now on App Store or Google Play.



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