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If you love decorating for the holidays but don’t have a huge budget, try this simple tip to make cheap Christmas decorations. You can easily and inexpensively create beautiful centerpieces, wreaths, and more simply by doing a little DIY. 

I’ve found that I can create really beautiful Christmas pieces for just a few dollars by shop Dollar Tree online, utilizing essentials I already have around the home, and using a little creativity.

My most recent project is this elegant Christmas Centerpiece. This entire display cost less than $10 by buying a few supplies at Dollar Tree and using items I already had accumulated over the years. No reason to start from scratch, after all. 

make cheap christmas decorations

You can download a full set of instructions here, but don’t feel like you need to follow this exactly. I didn’t, and mine turned out wonderful! 

Christmas Centerpiece

Here’s what I used:

  • 72″ Red Table Runner — you can purchase one at Dollar Tree, or use one you have on hand. I have a maroon tablecloth that happens to have pumpkins on it, however, you can’t really tell there are pumpkins unless you look closely so I simply folded it in half and used it as my table runner. 
  • 9″ Clear Glass Cylinder — you can use as many of these as you feel necessary to make your centerpiece stand out. The directions call for three, but I only used one since I have a reindeer that I used in my display as well.
  • 15′ Pine Garland — If you already have some, great. If not, grab these at Dollar Tree for only $1 each!
  • 5-stem glitzy, velvety poinsettia — I got three of these and used a wire snips to separate some of the poinsettias so I could spread them around my display. 
  • Red glittery branch ornaments — I grabbed three to put in my glass cylinder, but use as many as you feel necessary.
  • Gold and Silver shatterproof ornaments — since we already have lots of ornaments I simply used what we had on hand, but you can grab a whole pack of these for just $1 at Dollar Tree!
  • Wire Cutters 
  • Fairy lights or battery LED light sets — if you want to light up your display add the lights. If not, leave out the lights.

What I did:

To put this all together I placed the table runner down the length of the table. I used a long metal box that I had previously and placed the reindeer and glass cylinder. I then added the garland around everything. If you don’t have a table box to keep everything in place, just carefully place the garland around your glass cylinders. 

TIP: If you are going to use lights, wrap the lights around your garland before placing it on your tablescape.

Next, place the ornaments and glittery branches inside your cylinders. Then cut the poinsettias at varying lengths and place in your garland. 

It is so easy to make cheap Christmas decorations that you can share and enjoy! Let us know what you’ve made recently — share in the comments!

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