I love to read books, and lately I’ve been reading more and more of them on my tablet using my kindle reader.  I still like to get paper books, but the convenience of having any book at the tip of my fingers is really great.  The only downside is that when people want to get me books as a gift, or if I want to give someone a book as a gift, e-books just seem so impersonal.  There is nothing “physical” to actually give the person so the gift just doesn’t seem as good, to me at least.  So when I heard from Livrada about their new e-book gifting format I was completely intrigued.


Making e-book gifting personal

Livrada was founded to make e-book gifting more personal. For centuries, people have given books to each other. Books are the perfect gift; meaningful and personal, a book reflects the thought that the gift-giver put into the purchase.

We created Livrada title-based e-book gift cards (US Patent pending) to recapture this experience. We want to reintroduce a personal touch into the world of digital media, starting with e-books.

What is a Livrada e-book card?

A Livrada e-book card is a (physical) gift card, sold at retail, that represents a specific e-book title (e.g., The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ). Each card is beautifully designed with the book cover art and also includes a description, much like a traditional book jacket. The card allows the holder to redeem and download the specific e-book onto their e-reader device. At launch, this includes all Kindle and NOOK devices. The plan is to expand to other e-readers soon.

The Company

Livrada, Inc., based in Southern California, was formed in January 2012 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with deep business and technology backgrounds.

Our team consists of experienced executives from the digital media, wireless, pre-paid, payments, and e-commerce industries. We’ve spent time at world-class companies like Virgin Mobile USA, Warner Music Group, McKinsey & Co., Deloitte, and Lexis-Nexis, as well as a number of scrappy start-ups.

We are lovers of technology who happen to believe that the off-line “real world” offers experiences that cannot be replicated in digital. We think Livrada e-book gift cards are a great way to start.


To be honest the process couldn’t have been simpler.  You get a gift card that looks just like the title of whatever book you want, you take the card and go to the livrada website, enter the pin on the back of the card along with your email address, choose Kindle or Nook and that is it!  You are taken directly to your account on Amazon or B&N to download your book.  It was so simple I could not believe how fast I was reading my book.  Buying the cards is easy too, they are available at Target stores nationwide.  If you are buying one as a gift you don’t have to know which device the recipient uses because the card works for both Kindle and Nook!


Written by Jesica.


Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own.