If you’re looking for ways to help keep the mental and physical health of you and your kids in check while you’re stuck at home, there are a few basic principles and rules of thumb that can help. Here’s what you need to know to keep an eye on your family’s physical and mental health.


While you shouldn’t aim for a feel-good-all-the-time attitude, it is important to stay positive. Your thoughts about your life, what you deserve, what’s going to happen to you, and how your day will go can all become your reality. If you think you’re going to have an awful day, well guess what? It’s likely your day isn’t going to be all that great. While being positive all the time can be exhausting and unrealistic, it is important to keep a positive outlook on things. Even when life gets really confusing and difficult. Try to encourage your kids to have positive outlooks as well.

One example of this could be if you’re going through a divorce. Not only for yourself but for your children as well, a positive attitude is going to be very important. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also grieve the loss of your marriage. However, 42% to 45% percent of first marriages end in divorce, so it’s important to remember to try and stay positive by remembering that you’re not alone.


Another great way to stay on top of both your physical and mental health is by regularly going to the doctor. About 93 percent of children have seen a doctor in the last year, which is a good thing if health is a priority for you and your family. Taking yourself and your children to regularly-scheduled doctors’ appointments helps to ensure that everything is functioning healthily for you and your kids. Not only are you able to take any necessary action should something be wrong, but you’ll also have peace of mind when nothing is wrong by visiting the doctors regularly.

Stay Busy

For both your physical and mental health, staying active is critical. It’s important to have hobbies and activities you like to do. It’s a no-brainer that getting up and moving around each day is good for your body, but many forget just how important that is for your mental health, too. Especially if you’re sad or stressed, having an activity to distract yourself with is a great strategy.

For children especially, it’s all the more important to stay active. When you’re younger, it’s not as easy to work through difficulties by yourself. Having something to take your mind off the stress or discomfort is all the more beneficial for children who haven’t yet acquired healthy coping strategies. Additionally, most kids nowadays don’t get the recommended activity levels. For this reason, their physical health will thank you for letting them play outside a bit longer.

One way you can do this is by staying active with landscaping. Landscaping is a perfect activity for your kids to get involved with, as well. If you’re starting from scratch, hydroseeding is the fastest, most cost-effective, and highest quality method of seeding lawn, landscape, and erosion control practices. Grass should start to grow within seven days and the new lawn will be well established within three to four weeks. Choosing the rest is the fun part. What flowers or shrubs will you want in your yard? Allow your kids to help choose. The whole experience will be good for both your mental and physical health.

If you or your child is struggling with maintaining your health, either physical or mental, there are lots of ways to get yourselves back on track. The rules to a healthy life are pretty simple: stay active, go to the doctor, and have a positive attitude. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle for both you and your children.