I suppose after the holidays we all wish we could shrink in scale, while increasing our strength! Am I right!? Well I hope you are one of the “awesomes” (yes, I coined a new word) mastering your “New Year’s Resolution” to lose weight and get in shape. On that note, let me introduce you to someone who can shrink in scale and increase his strength, Marvel’s newest superhero, Ant-Man.

Although a typical ant cannot shrink down in size at any given time, we do know they are incredibly strong! So strong one ant can carry 100 times its’ weight! That’s some serious bench pressing! I imagine with ant size, strength and ant-like determination a ant superhero, will not be one to mess with!

Coming to theaters July 17th, see Marvels next founding member of the Avenger’s team to the screen!

Warning this high stakes and tension filled movie may have you breaking goals and ordering up some popcorn!


Check out the first official trailer of “Ant-Man”!

Are you excited or what!?