I am on a mission to serve better, more healthful meals to my family over the next year. In order to do that I need a plan because I know that if I jump into this without a plan I am doomed to fail before I even get started. What’s that saying about good intentions?

With eMeals.com I actually found a very easy way to make this work. Not only do they give you a full menu plan each week, but you can customize it to your dietary needs. Plus they give you a shopping list, and even break down the costs by grocery store!

Meal Planning – Get Healthy

If you are on a special diet, emeals accommodates for that!  Check out some of these recipes from their portion control, paleo, and clean eating menu plans:


Meal Planning – Get Organized

How much time do you spend going back and forth from the grocery store for the little things? See how an eMeals subscription is all you need for your weekly planning needs. Learn how it works here.

Meal Planning – Does it work?

I’ve been using emeals.com for a few weeks now, and so far I really like most of the recipes that they come up with. The nice thing about this is that you get a new set of recipes each week, so if you find something you don’t like, just go back and take a recipe from a previous week and substitute it.

The app and shopping lists are really helpful as well. I know how much I will need to budget for, and where my money is going.

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Delicious, Stress-Free Vegan Meals

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