Carrying my baby in style thanks to Baby K’tan — many thanks for sponsoring this post!

baby ktan adventure hold2

My daughter is six months old and while I don’t babywear daily since I work out of the home, there are times when it comes in real handy. I love having her close to me as much as possible since I don’t get to see her during the day, and with two other kids it makes it much easier to tend to their needs, get chores done, and keep everyone happier.

If you are interested in babywearing but worried about trying to figure out a wrap, the Baby K’tan may be a good choice for you. There are no buckles or straps that you have to wrap. The carrier is simply two rings and a sash. 

Because this carrier is designed so that you don’t have to wrap and tie it, you do need to get one sized to fit you in order to make sure baby is held safely in the carrier. There are many positions that you can carry your baby in, but so far I have only tried the hug hold (pictured below) and the adventure hold (pictured above).

baby ktan hug hold

Why I love babywearing

  1. I have three kids.  I have a seven and five year old, plus the baby. The easiest way to keep up with everyone else is to wear the baby. I wear Allison when we play outside or when we walk up to the local playground. If I didn’t wear the baby, I’d spend all my time trying to please the other two kids while our very happy and content little girl got no attention at all.
  2. I love the closeness.  There’s just something extra special about having my little girl close to me with her head right there in perfect kissing range. She loves that mommy is right there with her, yet she can still look around and see everything. I love that I can hang onto being extra close to her while I still can, and when she falls asleep with her cheek resting against my chest, I melt a little.
  3. Strollers can be bumpy.  Let’s be honest, strollers are really designed for urban/suburban areas. If you live in rural area like I do your options as to where you go can with that stroller are pretty limited, and once you start to go off road — well I’m sure my baby girl would tell you it is pretty bumpy (if she could talk of course). If I do use the stroller when we go somewhere it takes up nearly half or all of the trunk space that I could be using for other things — like groceries.
  4. I get exercise. Okay, so this isn’t one of the main reasons I like to wear baby — but it sure doesn’t hurt! Babywearing is a workout since you are walking around with a  10, 15, 20, or even 30 pound weight strapped to your chest or your back. All this extra weight can do wonders for your core and back muscles and even help with weight loss. If you were going to the gym you’d start with lighter weights and slowly increase the weight over time, but your growing baby does that for you with no gym fee necessary! If you are looking for even more of a workout do some lunges or deep squats and you’ll end up with legs of steel!

Final thoughts on the Baby K’tan

Overall I would say the Baby K’tan is a great carrier if you are worried about learning how to use a wrap. It is really easy to use, although I did find the adventure hold took a little more practice before I felt confident wearing her that way. Even though you probably won’t need it, there are videos showing you exactly how to put the wrap on and place baby if you do feel that you want to see someone putting it on.

Another thing to note is that you need to order the carrier in the correct size so that it fits you well and holds baby snugly. I was a little nervous at first that I would get the wrong size, however, their website says they want to ensure you have a proper fit and they offer an easy exchange if you happen to get the wrong size.

The only downfall I can see to getting a carrier that is sized only to you is that you are the only person who will be able to use it (unless you and your spouse/partner are the same size).


So tell us….

Did you or do you wear your baby? Why do you love it?