It’s always so much fun for the entire family to watch these sweet canine families on their adventures!!

Song and Dance-Filled Canine Comedy

Puppy Star Christmas continues the fantastic adventures of the talking (and singing) canine characters that have recently gained overwhelming popularity in the PUP STAR franchise of films. These action-packed and song-filled family stories, feature an adorable cast of dogs including talking Yorkie, ‘Tiny,’ and ‘P.U.P.,’ the street-smart rapping mutt who stole Tiny’s heart.  

The all-new movie begins as Tiny and P.U.P tie the knot in an elaborate song with the largest dance number in franchise history, before introducing audiences to the couple’s delightful litter of four precocious new puppies.  

The mischief, fun and adventure continues, as Christmas nears and pup siblings ‘Cindy,’ ‘Rosie,’ ‘Charlie’ and ‘Brody’ inadvertently stow away on Santa’s sleigh, ending up at the North Pole where they uncover an evil plot to steal the world’s Christmas spirit.

[youtube]Does this family of pups save Christmas? I can’t wait to see if it does, in fact, turn out to be the best Christmas ever!!

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Puppy Star Christmas Debuts on Netflix and Digital HD in time for the Holiday Season November 20, 2018