Things have been changing a lot in our lives.  My husband and I have both agreed to try to lose a little weight (we both need it), my son started going to school full time this year, and recently our childcare provider changed.  Our previous childcare person was wonderful, and she was awesome with the kids, but she and her family decided to move to another town so we had to make a change.  

Our new childcare provider is awesome as well, but my kids had been going to the previous place for about two years and they were really going to miss it. Plus, she had two children that were exactly the same age as mine and I knew my kids would miss playing with her girls.  In order to give the kids one more chance to all get together, I thought it would be fun to have everyone over for a little play-date that we were planning.  

Mega Bloks® First Builders™ was sending me a party kit to accommodate quite a few kids, and I figured it would be the perfect chance to have all the kids over to play.  

Before the day of the party, my daughter tried out the bloks for herself.  I honestly didn’t think she would be so into using the bloks because we have some other kinds of blocks and she never really uses them much; but she didn’t stop playing with these for days!  

I love the little tongue sticking out motion here, she must be really trying hard to build this!

The day of the party, we had friends over and shared our bloks.  

As a thanks for having the party, my daughter got to keep the Play ‘N Go Wagon pictured above.  She carted that thing around everywhere!

During the party we even had a tower building contest.  Everyone got a prize; their own bag of Mega Bloks to take home!  Each child got to choose between a bag of 1-2-3 count bloks, or the ABC spell bloks.

Our grand prize winner got to take home the Tin Tuff Race Chase Rig!  There were a few tears shed, mostly by my five year old who really really wanted to win that truck, but overall everyone had a great time!


My kids loved the bloks.  My daughter carted that wagon around everywhere in the house.  If she went upstairs, it went with her.  If she went in the kitchen, it went with her.  Both my son and daughter would spend a ton of time just building up towers, or “castles” and then rebuilding them again.  In fact, my son has one built in his room right now that I’m not allowed to touch, lol.  

There was a little disappointment when he didn’t win the Race Chase rig, but I told him that he will just have to ask for it for Christmas, or use his own money to buy it the next time we go to the store.

The only thing I did notice about the bloks that could use a little improvement is that some of them don’t stay together very well.  It is like they are loose and will come apart very easily.  Some of the bloks stay really well, but there are a few that don’t.  Of course these are designed for young children, so it is possible that they are designed to easily come apart so the kids can actually do it themselves.   

Have you tried Mega Bloks?  What do your kids think of them?  Leave us a comment and let us know! 


Written by Jesica.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch received a free product, and products to share, as part of a promotional program.  All opinions are our own.