MTO Book Cover

When I was contacted to read this book and do a review, my initial thought was that this would be the perfect book for me. It sounded like it would be a comedy of sorts, and anything that pokes fun at being a parent is great in my book.

When I actually received the book it was quite different than what I had imagined. It wasn’t really a comedy at all, but more a collection of photos and phrases showing ways that moms were taking time for themselves. Although this is good idea it wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, and it felt a little like a book I could have made using a photo site like Shutterfly.

The one thing I did really like about the book are the forms included at the end. There are things such as babysitter lists, emergency contact forms, mommy time-out coupons, and more.  You can actually download all of the forms that are included in the book by visiting

Mommy Time-Out Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are a mom who is stressed to the max this book could be just the thing to get you on the path to finding ways to help yourself relax and take some time for yourself. Although it doesn’t really give you any instructions, it does give quite a few ideas as to what you could do with a little time for yourself. It would also make a great gift for someone who just needs a little inspiration on the art of relaxation and taking time for themselves.

Mommy Time-Out Discount

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