If you are like most moms, you put everyone in the family’s health before your own. You are likely in charge of scheduling health care appointments, including dental appointments for the kids. You may even put your oral health care needs on the back burner in the interest of saving time. The fact is, the best way to take care of your family is to take care of yourself, and this includes not neglecting your own oral health.

Startling Facts About Oral Health In Adults

If you have not been making your oral health a priority, you are not alone. About 25% of adults currently have cavities, and about 92% have had cavities in their lifetime. Nearly half of all U.S. adults over the age of 30 have gum disease that is not being treated.

Sadly, about 28% of adults feel embarrassed by their smiles and reported that the condition of their teeth impacts their confidence when it comes to interviewing for a job. Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease and other health issues as well. However, despite these startling facts, there is always time to make changes in your own life so you can feel confident in your smile while also maintaining proper oral health.

The Impact of Dental Disease

There is a real cost associated with dental disease. A simple cavity that goes untreated can impact your life in so many ways. Pain, suffering, and the spread of the problem can affect the quality of your life and your ability to care for your family.

Untreated gum disease can result in tooth and bone loss. It can also cause infection in other areas of your body. Treating gum disease in the early stages is one of the easiest ways to control the spread, and ignoring the problem can result in serious consequences.

Dental disease has been linked to a wide range of health problems. It can cause complications during pregnancy. Most importantly, good oral care is essential to overall health.

The Happy Quotient

Understanding the risks of dental disease through facts and figures is very important, but it is equally as important to understand how a smile you feel good about affects your happiness quotient. When you feel good about your smile, you smile more often. The simple act of smiling more often increases feelings of joy.

There are so many treatment options available that can improve your smile, which will increase your confidence. For example, if you have been putting off braces because you do not want to be the mom with a mouth full of metal, Invisalign can be a great option. Invisalign has helped over 2.5 million people in 45 countries get the smile they deserve without the stigma of wearing metal braces.

A happy mom makes for a happy family. Taking care of your oral health IS taking care of your family. You deserve to look and feel your best!

Set a Good Example

There is no doubt that children learn all types of things from their parents without being taught directly. Modeling the behavior that you want your children to learn is the easiest way to teach your child.

Showing your child how important oral health is by caring for your own oral health is critical. Watching mom go to the dentist and care for her teeth at home will provide your child with the example they need to adopt healthy oral habits and a healthy approach to getting dental care as they age.

Leading by example can set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health, and, of course, ensure that you are also enjoying good oral health.

Mom, Do Your Family a Big Favor

Putting off your own oral health care needs sends the wrong signal to your children and can wind up taking you out of commission. Your family deserves a healthy, happy mom, and you deserve to feel good about your smile and enjoy good oral health. Make an appointment with your dentist and make a commitment to taking better care of yourself today!