When you’re raising a family, every cent can make a difference. Especially among rising inflation, and other unforeseen costs, saving money in every way you can has become hyper-important to many American families. Thankfully, there are tons of ways you can save money on your vehicle’s needs and maintenance to help you keep your monthly family budget in a comfortable territory. To help make 2022 financially successful and sound for your family, here are six solid money-saving tips for family vehicle owners: 

1. Keep a Maintenance Log

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, knowledge and consistency are crucial. Understanding how often you’re changing things up with your vehicle, getting it looked at, or finding issues with how it’s running will all prove helpful. Maintenance logs are perfect for keeping you up to date with your vehicle’s needs and creating a useful guide for any mechanic that’s working on your vehicle. That data can help them pinpoint the issues in a way that will save you tons of money in the long run. The proof that your vehicle has been taken care of will also help you if you ever decide to trade in or sell the vehicle. This practice can also help you save money on insurance, and help you prove your responsible vehicle ownership to the insurance company. 

2. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Most people never even glance at their owner’s manual, and even if they do, they only do so on the first day they get into their vehicle. However, if you get familiar with your vehicle’s manual, upkeep, maintenance and driving will all become a breeze. Oil changes are much more affected by variables than most people know, for example, and your owner’s manual can help you pin down the exact timeline that’s right for your vehicle. The money you’ll save on changing your oil more often than necessary will help you put money back for more important, worthwhile vehicle-related needs. 

3. Always Prioritize Your Alignment 

Even if your alignment is only slightly off, the damages that can occur because of an unstable alignment can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars (and put your life in jeopardy as well). Fixing problems with your alignment is typically cheap (and costs closer to a few hundred dollars), so being vigilant about your vehicle’s alignment needs, and solving issues with the alignment as soon as humanly possible, will ensure you save tons of money on your vehicle’s maintenance. Depending on your vehicle’s policy and warranty, you might even have the support to get your alignment routinely worked on for little to no cost (so be sure to research this before visiting a mechanic). 

4. Wash Your Vehicle Frequently 

Beyond keeping your vehicle looking snazzy and well-maintained, cleaning your vehicle frequently (every few months) will help keep your paint and body in shape. Protecting the surface of your vehicle will save you from spending money on rust removal and other costly procedures. While this is the simplest tip on the list, it’s also one of the most important if you’re intending to sell your vehicle in the future (as even an older model can seem incredibly attractive if its body, paint, and surfaces are kept in tip-top condition). 

5. Work to Become a Safer Driver

If you want to save money on maintenance and vehicle repairs, you have to drive as safely and effectively as possible. Although you might already think you’re a hyper-safe driver, chances are that you could stand to benefit from even safer, more knowledge-heavy driving practices. Learning how to drive familiar routes without GPS assistance, being a predictable driver, always using your turn signals, driving slightly below the speed limit, and staying aware of weather conditions that are affecting the roads you’re driving will all help you achieve as much safety as possible when driving. 

6. Keep Up to Date with Your Tire Pressure

Similar to your vehicle’s alignment, low tire pressure can easily contribute to accidents or vehicle damages that can become expensive very, very quickly. Understanding how to keep your tire pressure at a proper level at all times will keep you safe on the road, and your vehicle out of the mechanic’s shop. The fuel efficiency and handling of your vehicle will also be significantly benefited by you keeping up to date with your vehicle’s tire pressure, so never skip out on this important tip! 

Keep Your Family Safe and Your Budget Balanced

With these six tips, you’ll keep your family safe, your budget balanced, and make 2022 the best year of vehicle ownership that you’ve experienced yet. Your kids will love the newly maintained vehicle as well, as it will make every day’s activities go much smoother, and give them a comfortable place to rest their eyes between their sports matches and school events.