My husband and I enjoy playing video games every now and again. We don’t get into the big action, shoot-em up types, but a nice, fun trivia game, or something everyone can play is always a good time for us.

A couple weeks ago, we actually decided to try out two new games that we downloaded on our PS3. We decided to invite a couple of friends over to play with us, and used our theater screen to play (mostly because our playstation 3 is hooked up to the theater, so unless we wanted to move it, that is where we were playing).

The first game we decided to try out was Wheel of Fortune.

This is one of my favorite T.V. game-shows, so I knew I would be a lock to win of course ;-).

Well, I was a lock to win…except we played in teams and my husband, who was my partner, kept trying to sabotage us! He would pick weird letters like X. Then we landed on the million dollar wedge, and instead of answering the stupid puzzle, he spins again and gets a bankrupt….who does that?!!!!!

Okay, so maybe I’m a little competitive and hate to lose, but really…how many times are you going to get the million dollar wedge?   😯

We did have a ton of fun playing this game, and graphics were very good. The one thing we found hilarious, was watching the avatars respond to not getting something right, or winning. They were so over the top, it was comical.

The other fun thing about this game, is that they have little mini-games in between each board. The real Wheel of Fortune doesn’t do this, but in a video game it is nice to have something a little extra to make it more fun.

After playing Wheel of Fortune, we decided to try our hand at Jeopardy. I was a little nervous about this one. Although I consider myself fairly knowledgeable, Jeopardy is known to have some pretty difficult questions! I was quite relieved when you got to answer using multiple choice options. This made it much easier to play, especially for someone who might not have a lot of experience in the world yet.

Playing this game was very similar to Wheel of Fortune, in that the avatars were the same and the game play was very easy to understand. There were mini-games in Jeopardy as well. The game itself was just like you would expect on T.V.; Alex Trebek acted just like you would expect, and the voice overs were authentic!

The Jeopardy board had all the same ridiculous categories you find when you are watching the show (and by ridiculous, I mean who the heck knows that stuff!).

Even though some of the categories, were probably not things I would pick if I were playing this game in real life, on here the questions were simple enough that you could usually figure them out…and the multiple choice helped for those that were harder.

We really had fun playing both of these games, and it was a treat to have friends over to have a little game night with us. In fact, my husband and I were talking that me might try to make this a monthly thing!


Both games can be purchased at any major retailer, or downloaded directly from your gaming system.


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.