A morning routine can make a previously chaotic part of your day into a peaceful time that you actually look forward to. By setting a routine, you prioritize your health and set yourself up for a calm day. If you’ve never had a morning routine, you might think that it is a waste of time, but it is very important to make that time for yourself. Here are five reasons why.

You Reduce Stress

If you have the same routine each day, you know what to expect. You don’t need to worry about making decisions on the fly or forgetting things. If you wait until the last moment to get ready for work, it can get frustrating. In fact, one in nine women has said they were late for work because they couldn’t find part of their outfit. If you make your dressing routine a daily habit, you’ll be able to set it up so that everything is easy to find. The reduction of stress is very good for your health.

You’ll Enjoy Your Home More

You want to enjoy the time you spend at home. It is your space, the place that you’ve set up to be exactly what you want it to be. 74% of homeowners told the National Association of Realtors that they wanted to spend more time in their homes. A morning routine can be a great way to improve the time you do spend at home. Make your mornings relaxing and enjoyable. This could include things like a hot mug of tea and a good book. If you enjoy the mornings before work, this increases the amount of quality time you spend at home.

You Can Take Care of Your Body

Your morning routine should include tasks that keep your body healthy. This includes simple things like exercise and showering. However, you can also develop other habits that improve your health even more. Vitamins and supplements do a lot for your body. Vitamin B12 is important for a healthy nervous and circulatory system, so a daily pill can be good for you. However, it can be difficult to remember. By making things like vitamins and exercise part of your routine, you’ll be less likely to forget them.

It Sets the Tone for the Day

A frazzled morning sends you off to work still feeling overwhelmed. This can leak into your performance on the job, which can then have further repercussions on your mood as you finish work and go back home. Use your morning routine to start your day in the same way you plan to continue it. Take some time to contemplate your day and what you want from it. You can do this through journaling or meditation. Between deliberate contemplation and established habits, your morning routine can create a sense of calm and balance. Take this feeling as you move through the day and you’ll find that things remain much calmer than they otherwise would be.

It Helps You End Your Day Right

If you want a good morning routine, you’ll have to set yourself up for it the night before. This ends up helping you set a healthy nighttime routine as well since everything you do will have an impact on the next day. Think about the things you need to do the night before in order to have a successful morning routine. You need to set up your plans for the morning and get a good night’s sleep. Since your morning and nighttime routines are so intertwined, a good morning routine will lead to a better nighttime routine.

A morning routine is a great way to take some time for yourself. If you want to stay healthy, this time to take care of yourself is very important. Take advantage of your morning routine and use it to establish healthy habits and set you up for a successful day.