I love to play games with my kids. Whether it is a board game, card came, or something more physical like hide-and-seek. It is a great way for us to spend time doing something together as a family in our otherwise hectic lives.

If you find yourself struggling to fit family time into your routine, think about a game night. I have found it really is a great way for everyone to come together, have some fun, and even just let go of some of the stress from our busy lives. Games take your mind off everything else, and let you just focus on what you are doing right then and there…with your family!

That time you devote just to your family, even if just one night a week, and mean the world to a child.

The latest game my family and I decided to give a try was Morphology Junior. The game is actually designed for kids 8+, most likely because you have to be able to read the cards in order to play; but since my kids are only 3 and 5, we just made teams so someone could always read the cards but they could still play and have fun figuring out the clues!

The way the game works is that you read a card to yourself, and then have to use any of the multitude of tools provided in the game to help others try to guess what is on your card. It can really be a lot of fun watching the kids try to come up with ways to make us guess what their clue is!

Here is my son trying to get us to guess his card…tired. He first wrapped up his little wooden guy in a blanket and laid him down. Then he laid down next to him to show us he was tired (the game says you can act, grunt, or anything else to help people guess…just not talk!)

We have been having a great time playing this game, and although I think some of the words can be a bit difficult for my children (since they are so young), overall it has been really fun for us!

Check out all of the games in the Morphology line by visiting their website here: Morphology


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